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Women of the Third Millennium


Says Lidiya Lisimova, general producer of the Woman of the 3rd Millennium event, The Woman of the 3rd Millennium Award Presentation ceremony was much more than just another glamorous event  it is the first step on the road that leads to the carrying out an ambitious project which, we hope, will be at the European or even world level. We plan to run radio and TV shows at which the winners of the Woman of the 3rd Millennium contest will be greeted and presented; we also want to publish an almanac to commemorate the event and stage shows dedicated to it. We hope that our work will be a good contribution to the cultural development of Ukraine.


One of the significant events of the year 2006 in Ukraine was the Zhinka III Tysyacholittya  Woman of the 3rd Millennium Award Presentation ceremony which was held at the International Centre of Culture and the Arts in Kyiv. The gathering of so many beautiful women wearing beautiful dresses among beautiful flowers turned the event into a festival of beauty.

The organizers of the Woman of the 3rd Millennium contest asked major companies, both state-run and private, and all kinds of public and government organizations to send to the Higher Woman of the 3rd Millennium Representative Council their proposals as to who was worth being awarded such a title. The Council, made up of 20 well-known actors, designers, businesspeople and public figures, and headed by Professor Oleksandr Zlotnyk, a composer, carefully studied all the proposals to choose 48 women to be awarded the title of Woman of the 3rd Millennium in various categories and nominations.

Presiding at the award-presentation ceremony was Oleksandr Zlotnyk. Among the guests were Volodymyr Semynozhenko, Volodymyr Hryshko, Oleh Salmin, Oleksandr Bystrushkin, Volodymyr Horyansky, Pavlo Zibrov, Vitaliy Bilonozhko and other prominent men in the spheres of Ukrainian politics, business and culture. The men present at the ceremony emphasized that they considered it to be a great honour to have such a wonderful opportunity to greet the wonderful women who proved that their achievements in so many fields were no less significant than those of men. The MCs Vasyl Ilashchuk and Oleksiy Bohdanovych added their own special touch to the festive mood. The ceremony was enhanced by a colourful show with pop stars and ballet dancers entertaining the audience.

The women who were awarded at the ceremony are worthy representatives of Ukrainian society who have made considerable contributions to business and culture, who maintain family and social traditions, and who, by the virtue of their womanhood fill our life with love and kindness  and also who, no matter how busy they may be at work or at home, always remain attractive, well groomed, considerate and supportive.

Official greetings came  and were read at the ceremony  from the Cabinet Minister Yury Pavlenko and Kyiv Mayor Chernovetsky. The prize fund was provided by 30 companies and information partners; journalists from 50 newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations were present at the ceremony.

The statuette which accompanied the prize was created by the prominent sculptor Mykola Ovchynnykov who designed the elegant statuette in such a way that it combines in itself the ancient traditions of representations of women in sculpture with modern ideas; the statuettes golden colour symbolizes success.


By Viktor Sydorenko

Photos have been provided

by the Woman of the 3rd Millennium

Award Presentation organizers


Prominent personalities of Ukraine  Woman of the 3rd Millennium

Kateryna Yushchenko  head of the International Supervisory Fund Ukrayina 3000

Albina Deryuhina  president of the Gymnastics Federation of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine

Vlada Lytovchenko  president of the Model Agency Karin MMG

Nina Matviyenko  singer, holder of the honorary title Peoples Artiste of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine

Ada Rohovtseva  actress, holder of the honorary title Peoples Artiste of Ukraine

Alla Lahoda  ballet master, holder of the honorary title Peoples Artiste of Ukraine

Nadiya Diyeva  head of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration

Hanna Sumska-Opanasenko  actress, holder of the honorary title Merited Artiste of Ukraine

Lyudmyla Zhohol  painter, holder of the honorary title Peoples Artist of Ukraine


Winners of the Woman of the 3rd Millennium ratings

Tetyana Kondratyuk  deputy Minister of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports

Olha Ratushnyuk  deputy head of Khreshchatyk Bank

Larysa Dyubina  director of Art & Journey Tourist Company

Valentyna Khudoliy  director of Marka Ukrayiny Publishers

Olena Yurkovska  four-time champion of the 9th Paralympic Games, Hero of Ukraine

Lyudmyla Dryhalo  manager of Dryhalo Company, Bila Tserkva

Iryna Okayanyuk  head of the board of the Ukrayinska Okhoronno-strakhova (Insurance) Company

Prof. Zoya Veselovska  director of the Vascular-Endocrine Eye Diseases Centre

Iryna Varahash  vice president of Aqua Eco Company

Tetyana Kremeshna  president of Womens Foundation Olesya

Svitlana Horbenko  head of the Agrarian-industrial Complex Development at the Kherson Oblast Administration

Iryna Bilyk  artiste, holder of the honorary title Merited Artiste of Ukraine

Tetyana Tersenova-Zavodovska  director of the Esthetic Education Centre Uventa, Ivano-Frankivsk

Nataliya Bondar  director general of Karmen-Tsentr Company

Iryna Bodnaryuk  director of Knitwear Factory, Chernivtsi

Iryna Horobets  president of Publishing House Mizhnarodny Turyzm

Alla Shamova  president of Asterisk Company, Dnipropetrovsk

Nina Krebs  proprietor of Beauty Parlour Nika

Alla Snitsar  journalist, Natali Magazine

Tetyana Nazarova  artiste, holder of the honorary title Peoples Artiste of Ukraine

Anzhela Melnychuk  direcror of Shop Pan Adam, Chernivtsi

Anush Balyan  director of Zakarpatsky Agrarian-Industrial Production Institute

Daryna Ryzhko  proprietor of RDV Company, Dnipropetrovsk

Roksolana Bohutska  fashion designer

Svitlana Skopichenko  head of the representation of Solvay Pharmaceuticals GmbH in Ukraine

Olha Horbacheva  music shows presenter at Inter TV Station

Maryna Kozlovska  editor in chief of Maryna Magazine

Olena Kraynyk  manager of Restaurant Kuvshyn

Natalya Krapyvnytska  notary public, Donetsk

Nataliya Moseychuk  show presenter at Channel 5 TV station

Mila Horodetska  fashion producer

Kateryna Pashkevych  talent scout and presenter, Republic of Belarus


3rd Millennium Prospects

Kateryna Osadcha  newscaster at Tonis TV Station

Kamaliya  holder of the honorary title Merited Artiste of Ukraine

Svitlana Orlovska  show presenter at Era TV Station

Olha Lysyuk  director of International Childrens Festival Svit talantiv (World of Talents)

Tetyana Komashchenko  singer, Young Talent of the Year

Svitlana Artamonova  actress, Young Talent

Viorika Kuryliv  violin player, Young Talent



Iryna Okayanyuk.


Anush Balayan.


Alla Shamova.


Mila Horodetska.


Vlada Lytovchenko.



Nina Matviyenko.


Iryna Varahash.


Larysa Dyubina.


Tetyana Kremeshna.


Nataliya Bondar.


Nataliya Krapyvnytska.


Roksolana Bohutska.


Nina Krebs.


Olena Yurkovska.



Albina Deryuhina.


Tetyana Komashchenko
and Iryna Horobets.


Iryna Bodnaryuk.


Kateryna Pashkevych.


Valentyna Khudoly.


Vasyl Ilashchuk, Olha Lysyuk,
Maryna Lytvyn and Oleksiy Bohdanovych
(From left to right).


Iryna Bilyk.


Svitlana Skopichenko.


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