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Hotel Cheremosh  comfort and excellence of service



A hundred years ago, one Austrian journalist, captivated by the Chernivtsis charming beauty, called it a European marvel. Chernivtsi in which its romantic nature manifests itself in many ways, still preserves some of the 19th-century features. Walking its streets, you cannot help noticing the original style of many of its buildings and churches.


It is there that the Cheremosh tourist complex is situated.


The hotel can accommodate 570 guests. We offer: a suite, 9 de luxe rooms, 77 single and 239 double rooms which meet European standards. The highly professional staff will help you with fast accommodation; provide with guides who can also escort both domestic and foreign groups travelling round Ukraine; arrange celebration of special dates and family events, entertainment for children and parties for young people in our bars and restaurants (up to 500 persons), etc.


In addition to our traditional tours, we offer specialized tours, business seminars, round table discussions and press-conferences.


Cheremosh tourist complexs administration and staff constantly make an effort to perfect and find new forms of services provided to clients, to reconstruct, re-equip and refurbish the hotel, to develop its infrastructure, to increase the level of service. The great attention is paid to search of new partners on the international tourist market.


Here at Cheremosh, we cater for our clients needs and wishes, thus making them feel like guests of honour.


Cheremosh is always happy to meet you!


We are ready to provide for our guests:

Elegant suite, de luxe rooms, comfortable standard single and double rooms

Restaurants, bars, cafes, night disco

Excursions and guide services

Written translation of documents, letters, etc., in English, German, Romanian languages

Conference room (200 seats) with simultaneous interpreting

Insurance (Green card, accident insurance)

Sauna with a swimming pool

Skilled hairdressers

All kinds of modern international communication

Currency exchange

Slot machines

Guarded parking


Food and drinks:

Bukovyna Hall

offers the local dishes like Kruchenyky, Zavyvantsi, Banush, Varenyky, Holubtsi.

Folk performance will make your evening unforgettable.

European Hall

provides parties, banquets, presentations, weddings. Attracts its visitors with refined atmosphere and a wonderful cuisine.

Perlyna Cafe

offers a wide variety of sea food. This exotic restaurant room will make your stay here very special.

Hungarian Hall

is cosy and festive with a choice of Hungarian national dishes.

Expressio Bar

offers various sandwiches, pastries, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, wonderful coffee and nice music.

Night bar

offers enjoyment till morning.


Cheremosh Tourist Complex

13-A Komarov Str., Chernivtsi, 58017, Ukraine

Tel.: + 380 3722 48 400, 47 518, 48 765. Fax: + 380 372 585 588


License # 840505 issued on 21.07.2004 by STAU








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