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Zolote Pero  Golden Pen awards 2006


Mizhnarodny Turyzm Magazine, a Ukrainian-language tourist companion to Welcome to Ukraine Magazine, received the prestigious Zolote Pero award as Best Tourist Publication in Ukraine in the nomination Culture.


The sixth International Media Contest Zolote Pero 2006 was held in March 2006. This annual event aims at promoting the media and encouraging them to do their best in describing the political, social and cultural developments of the countries they work in. The media leaders are determined by the results of polls and surveys conducted in the corresponding countries.

The venue of the award-presentation ceremony was the Palats kultury i mystetstv (Palace of Culture and Arts) in Kyiv, with representatives of the leading newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Poland present in the audience. Among the guests were officials, public figures, diplomats, businesspersons, and show biz people.

The awards were presented to: the Novyny (News Show) program of the First National TV Station (in the nomination Best News Show), Ukraine; World network TV station, Ukraine; the Khabar TV agency from Kazakhstan; the Svoboda Slova (Freedom of Speech) television programme of the ICTV TV Station, Ukraine (in the nomination Best Political TV Programme; Svoboda Slova was originally a TV programme run at one of the TV stations in Moscow, Russia, but after it was closed down, it was revived in Kyiv). The Discoveries of the Year prizes went to the K-1 TV station, Ukraine; Potrebitel + rynok (Consumer + Market) and Potrebitel + vlast (Consumer + Power) Magazines, and to the weekly Arhument-vlada.

The award-presentation ceremony was an integral part of a concert, and this combination, traditional for Zolote Pero awards, created a festive atmosphere. The people who inform us, edify us, inspire us, and let is be witnesses of small and of grandiose events that are taking place in Ukraine and in the world were lauded, thanked and congratulated. Rather caustic jokes were exchanged between the journalists and the politicians who took the floor but none of the jokes went beyond what is socially acceptable at such ceremonies. The show part of the ceremony included a number of inspired performances  Valentyna Stepova, the opera singer, Svyatoslav Vakarchuks a cappella singing (Vakarchuk is the front man of Okean Elzy rock band) were greeted with particularly loud rounds of applause.

But for the publishers and editors of Mizhnarodny Turyzm, the rapturous moment came when it was announced that the magazine was awarded the Zolote Pero prize and the prize was handed to the publisher and editor in chief Oleksandr Horobets by Ihor Likhovy, Ukraines minister of culture and tourism.

Mizhnarodny Turyzm magazine has been in publication for fourteen years and all these years the magazine has been targeting those among Ukrainian readerships who are particularly interested to learn more about foreign countries and about Ukraine, about international and domestic tourism. Its companion counterpart, Welcome to Ukraine, which is published by the same publishers and created by the same editorial board, has been telling the world about Ukraine for more than a decade.


By Yevhen BUDKO

Photos by Oleksiy ONISHCHUK



Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.


Volodymyr Klychko and Olena Nikolayeva.


Oleksandr Horobets.




Leonid Kravchuk.


Larysa Medina and Andrey Malakhov.


Savik Shuster.


Nataliya Kovrina.


Anita Tsoy.


Lyudmila Khariv and Oleh Panyuta.


Nataliya Havrylova.


Katya Buzhynska.


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