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The Sun, the Frost and the Wind. A fairy-tale


Once, when the Sun, the Frost and the Wind changed into the human shape and took a walk all of them together, along a well-beaten dirt road, they met a man. The man politely said, Good day, and walked on.

The three companions started arguing who it was among them that the man had greeted. Everyone said, Its me he greeted! Seeing that they could not reach an agreement, they rushed after the man who was still in sight.

When they caught up with him, they asked,

Tell us, good man, who it was among us that you greeted?

I will tell you, but first you tell me who you actually are.

One of the three says,

I am the Sun.

The other one says,

I am the Frost.

And the third one says,

And I am the Wind.

Are you the Wind? Good. So it is you that I greeted.

On hearing this, the Sun cried out,

Ill burn your crops!

But the Wind countered,

Dont you worry, man, Ill bring a cold spell and prevent you and your crops from being burned.

Then the Frost cried out,

Ill freeze you to death!

But the Wind countered,

Dont you worry, man, Ill bring a heat wave and prevent you from freezing.


Art by Oleksandr MELNYK


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