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A happy reunion of Brothers Hadyukiny rock band


The Brothers Hadyukiny Rock Band (In Ukrainian, the word Hadyukin evokes associations with the word hadyuka which means viper but which can be used derogatively in describing a human being) was founded in 1988, at the time when the Ukrainian national independence movement was gaining momentum. Hadyukiny stood among other similar groups by their heady mixture of post-punk rock, urban romance, bohemian and even underworld tunes and ballads. They became the legend of their time. In 1995 they performed their last gigs together and split. Serhiy Kuzminsky (Kuzya), the bands leader and vocalist, went to Moscow where he became a popular DJ  a strange move for a person whose songs had a very distinctive ironic and Ukrainian nationalistic touch. Other members of the band also found themselves in different cities of Ukraine and of the world.

Their fans never relinquished hope of seeing them to perform together again in a happy reunion. And as unlikely as it began to seem, such a reunion did take place in January 2006 when Hadyukiny performed in Kyiv at the Palats Sportu concert hall to packed house (incidentally, some of the shows of the Eurovision-2005 Song Contest which was held at the same venue did not draw as many people).

The Perkalaba rock band from Ivano-Frankivsk were the first to come on stage to warm up the audience for our elder brothers. The tickets were relatively cheap, the promotion was well organized and the sponsor, the Metro Jack-Pot Chain of slot machines, proved to be reliable. Most of the audience were the young people who had never heard Hadyukiny live on stage before, but a sizeable share of the audience was made up of the people of older generations who waxed nostalgic.

At the post-gig conference, the rockers said they did not expect their performance to turn out to be such a smashing hit, but were not sure whether they would ever get together again for another performance.


By Yevhen BUDKO. Photos by Romko MALKO


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