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An international project to create a world without borders


An international project, World Without Borders, was launched in Ukraine. 52 scholars and teachers from 22 countries of the world conducted classes of history and culture of the countries they represented in 147 secondary schools and 21 universities and colleges all across Ukraine starting on September 27 and finishing on November 27. In addition to regular schools, charity organizations, orphanages and boarding schools with children from problem families, were visited by project participants.

The project was initiated by the international student organization AIESEC, The Tree of Knowledge scientific and educational programme, and supported by the consulates of 22 countries and by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

A joint conference of the international student organization AIESEC, the Publishing House Marshal Cavendish Ukraine, of the embassies of Georgia and Poland in Ukraine was held at the Representation of the European Commission in Ukraine on September 29. The press-conference was devoted to the international project World Without Borders and its aims. Amomng those who spoke at the conference were: Natalya Stasik, president of the international student organization AIESEC; Andriy Sysoyev, representative of the Publishing House Marshal Cavendish Ukraine; Georgy Sigua, head of the representation of the Trade and Industry Chamber of Georgia in Ukraine, and Anna Skoronska-Luchynska who described the aims of the project and answered questions. After the press-conference, the guests and the journalists were entertained by a culture show and a reception.

The start of the project coincided with the release in Ukraine of the The Tree of Knowledge scientific and educational magazine in Ukrainian.

The main aim of the project is to acquaint Ukrainian students with the basics of other cultures through direct people-to-people contacts. The project also aims at making understanding other cultures and promoting, through understanding, respect of other nations and their cultural traditions. Such respect and understanding are vital in promoting peaceful solutions of problems that may arise among nations.


By Maksym Protskiv

Photo by Yu. Vorobyev

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