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The city of Chernivtsi gives several occasions to celebrate


Chernivtsi celebrates the day of the City on October 8. It is this date that we find in the first known written mention about it that dates to 1408. The name of the town appears in a missive written by the Moldavian ruler Alexander the Good. Though the city will celebrate its 600th anniversary, there is a little doubt that it is much older. But any celebration is a welcome event, particularly when the autumnal gloom comes.

Another recent celebration held in Chernivtsi was that of the 130th anniversary of the Chernivtsi National University, which is named after Yury Fedkovych, a promi nent poet, playwright, translator, folklorist, and public figure in the Land of Bukovyna in the second half of the nineteenth century. The university was founded in October 1875 and at present it has fifteen departments and is considered to be one of the leading schools in Western Ukraine.

The one hundredth anniversary was celebrated in October 2005 by the Opera Theatre which had been designed by the Austrian architects Felner and Helmer. The money for the construction was provided by the theatre-loving community of Chernivtsi. In the words of a German journalist who wrote soon after the unveiling of the theatre, it was Уa fairy tale of gold and plush.Ф The theatre remains one of the remarkable architectural landmarks of Chernivtsi.

Within the year before the celebration of the Day of the City, buildings in a number of streets were renovated, the handsome building of an old school in an old suburb had been restored, Ploshcha Filarmoniyi (Philharmonic Society Square) was given a new appearance. The old Hotel Bristol was given much more than a face-lift Ч it was renovated and refurbished; the square acquired a bed of flowers, and pretty kiosks. The Day of the renewed Square was a festive occasion, which brought together many people who danced waltz to the wonderful music of Strauss.

The Day of the City was also full of music Ч symphony orchestras, bards, amateur and professional rock and pop musicians entertained the festive crowds. Mariya Mykolaychuk, a well-known singer who performs folk songs, presented her new album, Bukovyno. The songs collected on the new disc reflect both the soul of the singer and that of the nation.

ChernivtsiТs mayor Mykola Fedoruk contributed a lot to the general progress in well-being that the city has been making in recent years, and to the success of the celebrations.



Photos by Yevhen ADAMCHUK

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