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Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv  a five-star luxury



The Premier Palace Hotel is a significant cultural and historical landmark in the very heart of the Ukrainian capital. It is a stones throw from Khreshchatyk, the main street in downtown Kyiv, and close to the business and financial district.


The Palast Hotel (the first name of the Premier Palace Hotel) was opened in 1909, at the time when the city of Kyiv was going through a major construction boom.

The hotel was built by Lev Ginsburg, one of the most prolific building contractors of that time, who was in charge of the construction of such architectural landmarks in Kyiv as the Opera House, the Operetta House, the National Bank and the Art Museum. The exterior of the Palast Hotel done in the then fashionable architectural style suggested quite the magnificent interior. The hotel perfectly matched comfort with functional architecture, and it made the hotel the most prestigious one in Kyiv.

Jacob Zellermeier, the first hotels manager in pre-war times, a citizen of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, made it a point to create immaculate order in the hotel and ideal conditions for guests. Our hotel must be a place that can provide a quiet repose for guests. It must be like a home for travellers and guests who choose to stay at our hotel, he kept reminding the hotel staff.

That is why The Palast Hotel was always attractive for bankers and industrialists, famous actors and people that belonged to the category of high society, celebrities and people of consequence. In this respect not much has changed since those times.

In 2001 the hotel was renamed to the Premier Palace Hotel. Each of two words makes sense. Palace is a symbol of a long-standing tradition and a high-class hotel at the beginning of the 20th century. Premier means the premier of the first five-star hotels in Ukraine, which preserves the best traditions of Ukrainian hospitality.

Fully renovated in 2005, the Premier Palace Hotel is one of the most distinctive hotels in Ukraine that presents a new standard in luxury of a five-star hotel and offers first-rate service and unique facilities. If you frequently travel and stay in hotels around the world, then you will most likely take note of the fact that your suite at the Premier Palace Hotel has all the attributes of a world-class deluxe suite.

Besides the luxurious apartments and excellent hotel service, you will find all the conditions necessary for your business. It is one of the citys best-equipped hotels for conducting business and holding conferences and will change your impressions of conference services in Ukraine. The Sofiyivskiy Grand Hall can accommodate up to 450 guests for cocktail parties. Be it an evening party, an official reception, a meeting or a presentation, the hotel will provide the necessary technical and organizational support at the highest level for occasions of any format.

The Premier Palace Hotel takes the time to remember its best guests. The spirit of its guests continues to live in the hotel. Indeed, some of the hotels most luxurious suites were given the names of famous persons who stayed in the hotel and famous Ukrainian people. Here are the histories of these suites.

Alexander Vertinsky, a famous Ukrainian singer, came to Kyiv and stayed at the hotel. Now, in the two-room suite bearing his name there is an old gramophone and a Pierrot doll. During his concerts the singer wore the costume of this character.

In 1962, Mossoviet, one of the leading Moscow theatre troupes, came to Kyiv to perform some of its plays. Among them was the star of Soviet film from the 1930s and 1940s Lubov Orlova. The ageing actress had a problem with eyes and additional curtains were provided for the windows in her suite. Today, in the Lubov Orlova Suite you will find memorabilia from one of her best films, Vesna (Spring).

Vladimir Vysotsky, arguably the best-known and best loved bard of the Soviet era, stayed at this hotel when he came to Kyiv as a member of the theatrical troupe Tahanka from Moscow. He had to move from room to room to avoid being pestered by his fans. Now the two-room suite Vysotsky displays photographs and guitar strings on the dark-blue walls; an old-fashioned radio, a tape recorder and an old telephone.

Today there is an elegant suite with a balcony facing Shevchenko Boulevard that bears the name of Serge Lifar, a great ballet dancer of international fame (he was born in Kyiv and later immigrated to France).

One of the best suites in the hotel is dedicated to the memory of the Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, a native of Kyiv and author of Master and Margarita, one of the most mysterious novels of world literature. Some of the characters from this novel are visible in this suite to provoke guests inclined to contemplate on the profound questions of existence, to indulge in reflecting on the mysteries described in the novel.

There are several thematic suites and rooms offering an excellent view from the hotels windows. Hi-Tech is a suite that will be particularly appreciated by those guests who are enthusiasts of modern technology and laconic urbanistic styles and bright colours. Feng Shui Suite is the most suitable for those who practice meditation and like subdued colours. For newly married and those who are always in love, the luxurious Wedding Suite with a king-size bed and a Jacuzzi is most suitable. The suites Hetman and Roxolana (Roksolana, a Ukrainian woman believed to have been the most beloved wife of a 16th century Turkish sultan) were designed with the help of an expert of the Heraldic Chamber Department. The Roxolana Suite reminds guests of Oriental luxury. The interior decoration of Hetman is suggestive of the style of the chambers of the Ukrainian Cossack leader of the end of the 16th and early 17th centuries.

There are 289 beautifully furnished rooms in the hotel with a choice of smoking and non-smoking rooms as well as rooms with fitted carpet or polished parquet flooring.

But the most luxurious suites with an added element of comfort and privacy are located on the 7th and 8th floors and are based on the best traditions of hospitality and elegance.

The Executive Floor located on the 7th floor of the Premier Palace Hotel represents the foremost accommodations in Kyiv. In addition to luxury service when living on the Executive Floor alone, you can invite a guest to have breakfast, have a business meeting with a snack or enjoy the tastiest pastry during afternoon tea.

The 8th floor of the Premier Palace Hotel is where the five-room luxurious Premier Royal Suite with a view on Pushkinska Street and Shevchenko Boulevard is located. In addition to the state-of-the-art security system, the penthouse has a library that contains an excellent collection of rare books. Also, the suite has three bathrooms with a sauna and Jacuzzi, a guest bedroom, a room for security, a kitchenette and a cloakroom.

The Pritzkers, the owners of the Hyatt hotel chain were among the suites first guests. They were reported to have enjoyed their accommodation.

The Premier Palace Hotel uniquely combines modern technologies and old traditions, offers generous hospitality and is known for its innovative management. For almost a century the Premier Palace Hotel has been a symbol of luxury and high quality service in full accordance with the Latin maxim Nomen est Omen (The meaning is in the name).












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