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The 17th Pret-a-Porter Seasons of Fashion Week and new trends in fashion


Fashion, similarly to music, crosses the borders without having to acquire any visas or passports. Fashion is fickle and is prone to changes, so be prepared for having to acquire new things for your wardrobe if you want to keep abreast of the latest trends in fashion and remain truly fashionable.


The 17th Prat-a-Porter Seasons of Fashion Week was held in early October 2005 at the ACCO International Exhibition Centre which is located in one of the marvelous parks of Kyiv, Pushkinsky.

The first such fashion show was held in Kyiv back in 1997, and by now these shows have acquired truly world pret-a-porter standards and are held twice a year, in March and in October.

The lovers and followers of fashion saw at the October pret-a-porter shows 30 best collections by fashion designers of Ukraine, among who there were 2 Russian and 1 Georgian designers. Fashion, political, show-business elite of Kyiv was well represented among the audiences who numbered 19,000 people at all of the shows. Thanks to the live broadcasting from music channel M1, all fascinating fashion-shows could be seen by millions of viewers. Beside this, first time ever, the Ukrainian branch of Fashion TV, Fashion TV-Ukraine, made it possible for its TV viewers, which are estimated to number 577 million people worldwide, to see the SpringSummer 2006 fashion collections shown in Kyiv during the October pret-a-porter week.

In March 2005, a fashion show room, the first of its kind, was opened in Kyiv, and thus the arrangement  DesignerBuyerStore, well known throughout the whole world, was established. There are all indications that make it possible to say that the fashion industry is becoming a potentially powerful business in Ukraine. During the October pret-a-porter shows some purchases were made by buyers from Russia and Italy, which point to the fact of Ukrainian designed clothes becoming attractive to foreign buyers as well. Ukrainian fashion design is becoming an export item. The Ukrainian Fashion Parade shown at the Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Kyiv in May 2005, the Day of Ukrainian Fashion held in St Petersburg, and now the opening of the Fashion Show Room in Kyiv are all indications of Ukrainian fashion going international. Incidentally, Jean Paul Gaultiers latest spring-summer collection was dedicated to Ukraine and had Ukrainian themes.

The October pret-a-porter Seasons of Fashion has amply demonstrated that the Ukrainian fashion designers create pret-a-porter garments which are on a par with the best design clothes not only of Russia and Georgia, whose designers showed their collections alongside the pret-a-porter ones, but of other countries as well, and are liked well enough to be purchased, not only looked at when they are shown on the catwalk.



The photos have been provided

by the Seasons of Fashion show organizers


The collection NOTA BENE & KARAVAY presents
the ethnic luxury of the Indonesian Islands.


The Z.S.M. collection for men created
by Oleksandr VASYLYEV.


Andre TAN invites everyone to fly
with him to TANs PLANET.


The collection Times change and we change too
from the duo Tetyana ZEMSKOVA
and Olena VOROZHBYT.


Light collection by NB POUSTOVIT.


A romantic image from the collection
of Hanna BUBLYK.


The Armenian cognac brand Akhtamar from the ArArAt series,
was the official cognac at the pret-a-porter shows. Iryna Danylevska,
head of the Seasons of Fashion Organizing Committee, Olga Negara,
account manager of advertising agency Marks Ukraine, and Carine
Madelrier, ArArAt brand manager, enjoyed the cognac and so did
many other participants and guests of the Season of Fashion shows.
Akhtamar will always remain fashionable and will always
inspire new ideas, if consumed responsibly.


The ArArAt Fashion party was held at the Club Pa-Ti-Pa in Kyiv
dedicated to the opening of 17th pret-a-porter Seasons of Fashion
Week. In the collection of club-style dresses shown by Larissa Leisello&AS
Couture Ukrainian ethnic motives were used, the similar
motives could be seen in guests dress code.


The Ukrainian followers of fashion went
into raptures over the Georgian touch
in the collection of the Georgian
designer Avtandil TSKVITINIDZE.


with his views on ethno fashion.


The collection The Whole World is Rodeo
presented by Khrystyna GUSINA.


The collection Evolyutsiya khlopchachoyi
uvahy (Evolutio of the Boys Imagination)
presented by KOSTELNI.


The refined collection of Roxolana BOHUTSKA
reminded everyone that every woman
is a hunter at heart.


Four leading designers of Ukraine Liliya Pustovit, Viktor Anisimov,
Oksana Karavanska and Khrystyna Gusina have created an exclusive
tuning of Samsung E760 for four Ukrainian celebrities. Khrystyna
Gusina has introduced the Chinese In-Yang symbol of harmony,
perfection and unity of opposites into the design of the cell phone
for Yury Horbunov. Rock star Sashko Polozhysnsky, Dynamos
goalkeeper Oleksandr Shovkovsky and TV presenters Ihor Molyar
and Yury Horbunov received their modified Samsung A760 cell
phones at the Fashion TV fancy party which was held after
the closing ceremony of the pret-a-porter Season
of Fashion week at the Restaurant Oranzhereya in Kyiv.


for the Studio DOMINANTA.


Olexiy ZALEVSKY wants,
as always, epater les bourgeois.


The collection of Olesya TELIZHENKO
(the New Names section), which was created thanks
to a grant of the President of Ukraine given to promote
the young talents; the grant was awarded for the creation
of a collection of modern clothes, Drevo rodu, with themes
from embroidered rushnyky (decorative towels)
from the Land of Cherkashchyna.


The collection Syomy rubikon (The Seventh
Rubicon) presented by Maryna YAROSLAVSKA.


The collection Maska (Mask) presented
by Olena Holets for TM DOLCE DONNA.


The image of the woman of the 1940s
in the collection of Maryna MULYAR created
for the Fashion House Artinelli.


The collection presented by Masha
SHAROYEVA, a Russian designer
whose native city is Kyiv.


The collection of duo OZ


The garments created by the duo
of students of the Lviv Art Academy Olena
(The New Names section) were appreciated
not only by the public but also by the DJUICE
mobile brand which awarded the two young
designers a grant to create a new collection
of clothes in brand style.


Fancy purses are an ever-present feature
of collections created by Oksana KARAVANSKA.


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