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A kiss in bronze



Kharkiv, the second largest city of Ukraine, is a place of romantic traditions, but in recent years it has grown much more somber and does not seem to be much predisposed to sentimentality any longer. However, it does not mean that people of Kharkiv no longer fall in love — they do. They do give each other flowers and experience tender passions.

Some of the inhabitants of Kharkiv even make efforts to make their city look prettier so that it would inspire romantic feelings.

There is a sculpture in Beketova street in Kharkiv which was erected in 2003 and which attracts both the local lovers and visitors. A stylized couple of young people in bronze are leaning towards each other seeking a kiss. They look shadowy and unsubstantial rather than like human beings cast in bronze, but there is something in that bronze girl and boy that has made them popular among young people of flesh and blood who come to the sculpture to declare love. Not to the sculpture but to each other.

The competition for the best sculpture to be erected in Beketova street was staged in 2001, and it was won by Dmytro Ivanchenko, then an undergraduate student of the Academy of the Arts and Design in Kharkiv. The young sculptor did want his sculpture to act like a magnet attracting lovers and his creation turned out to be magnetic enough. People say that if you stand close enough to the bronze girl and boy and make a wish, it will come true, if not instantaneously but some time later, for sure.


Reported by Iryna VIRTOSU

Photographs by Roman DANYLENKOV



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