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Ukraine at Expo-2005 in Japan


This year, the 2005 World Exposition, EXPO 2005 is held at Seto City, Nagakute Town, Toyota City, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, March 25 to September 25, with 122 countries taking part. Ukraine is also represented, for the first time as an independent state. The theme of the first EXPO of the twenty-first century is Natures Wisdom.


Petro V. SHEYKO, head of the Executive Committee for Preparing and Insuring Ukraines Participation in the 2005 World Exposition, EXPO 2005, in response to a growing interest on the part of the Japanese visitors and on the part of the media to the exhibition in general and to the Ukrainian Pavilion, in particular, presents his view of the plans for the National Week of Ukraine to be held at EXPO 2005, and of other matters in connection with the exhibition.


While planning what should be shown in the Ukrainian Pavilion, we wanted to create an exhibition that would provide the visitors with bright impressions of Ukraine, a country with an exciting and long history, bountiful nature and rich culture. At EXPO 2005, Ukraine is presented as a well-developed, European state, an equal member of the world economic space. We wanted to show that the values, which are shared by the humanity and which are the basis of the exhibition, are of a paramount importance for Ukraine as well.

The staff of the Ukrainian Pavilion do not spare efforts to present a positive image of Ukraine to the visitors, and I can say that so far they have been doing it well. About 20,000 people visit the exhibition every day, and this in itself is a good evidence of the fact that the Japanese people take a considerable interest in the Ukrainian Pavilion, and consequently, in Ukraine as a country in general.

The management of the Ukrainian Pavilion regularly organizes meetings between Ukrainian and Japanese businessmen, distributes relevant materials about Ukraine, booklets with investment projects, which have been prepared by most of Ukraines Oblasts. Also, we keep regular contacts with the mass media, with popular periodicals and TV stations both in Japan and in Ukraine. I would like to mention separately our fruitful contacts with Welcome to Ukraine Magazine, which publishes a lot of interesting materials about Ukraine. This magazine features materials about the Ukrainian Pavilion at EXPO 2005 as well.

Preparations are under way for the holding of the National Week of Ukraine at EXPO 2005 in August. It will be devoted to the Independence Day of Ukraine. We are planning to present a big programme. The official delegation of Ukraine, which will be made up of leading scientists, artists and culture figures of Ukraine, will be headed by Oksana Bilozir, minister for culture and tourism of Ukraine. The State Chamber Orchestra Kyivski Solisty (Kyiv Soloists), the Folk Dance Ensemble Pokuttya, the Folk Music Orchestra Knyazhy Dvir, the rock band VV with its frontman Oleh Skrypka, and other representative performers will take part in the National Week of Ukraine at EXPO 2005.

You are invited to come to the Ukrainian Pavilion any time, and if you do it during the National Week of Ukraine to be held shortly before August 24 when Ukraines Independence Day will be celebrated, you are sure to enjoy it. On August 21, the Festival of National Art of Ukraine will be held in the city of Hadzu, which is the sister place of the Ukrainian Pavilion at EXPO 2005. Dance and song ensembles, singers and orchestras will entertain the guests; a special shop will offer a wide selection of Ukrainian souvenirs; a Ukrainian restaurant will serve traditional Ukrainian dishes; master classes will be conducted by masters of applied and decorative art. Ukrainian craftsmen will show their skills in the Ukrainian Pavilion.

During the festivities devoted to the Independence Day, the registered guests of the Ukrainian Pavilion will get free books about Ukraine and about Kyiv, a colourful catalogue The Garden of Ukrainian Culture. We also have to give out as presents photo albums Maydan about the events of the Orange Revolution, and all kinds of souvenirs (replicas of Trypillya culture artefacts, folk paintings, traditional dresses, etc.) We do hope the National Week of Ukraine will be a success.


Central Square of Ukrainian National Complex Ekspo Centre Ukrayiny in Kyiv.


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