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A fashion show for children


A fashion show of collections of clothes for children, Ridny kray  moya krayina (My Native Land) was held at the Congress Hall on Lvivska Ploshcha in Kyiv on May 30, the International Protection of Children Day. The show was organized by the Kyiv Children Fund and the Children Studio Styl i Moda (Style and Fashion) under the patronage of Anatoly Kinakh, first vice premier of Ukraine and head of the Party of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists of Ukraine.


In preparing for the show, the Styl i Moda Studio members studied ethnic culture, traditions and history of Ukraine. In the collection Pohlyad v davnynu (A Look into the Past), the young fashion designers and young models presented their own interpretations of what the dresses of the ancient Slavic tribe of the Drevlyany could have looked like. The collection Spivuchi Karpaty (People of the Carpathians Like Singing), which combined design and colours of today with those of the past, was very colourful, inventive and imaginative. The collection was shown to the accompaniment of songs performed by the Ukrainian pop singer Ruslana who uses folk motives from the Carpathians in her songs.

The presentation of the collection Kyiv kvituchy (Kyiv in Blossoms) was enhanced by the horse chestnut blossoms with which the stage was lavishly decorated. Light dresses and waltzes played in the background evoked the beauty of Kyiv in May when it is permeated with the scent of blossoming trees and bushes.

The bright colours and patterns of the collection Ukrayina  kray kvituchy (Ukraine is a Land of Plenty) were a variation on the themes from Ukrainian folklore, and the collection Kvituchi malvy (Mallows in Blossom) evoked associations with the pastoral idyll of the Ukrainian countryside. The young models were evidently happy to be strutting about the catwalk wearing dresses in the state colours of Ukraine  yellow and blue.

The collection Poltavski Varenychky (Little Dumplings from Poltava) was an artful combination of modern design and traditional motifs. The collection Mify Polissya (Myths of the Land of Polissya) was shown to the accompaniment of a song, Lisova Mavka (The Forest Mavka; mavka is a female spirit from the Ukrainian folklore), which was performed by Iryna Revatska, a student of a boarding school-orphanage, who was given a particularly warm reception.

The collection Yuni moryaky (Young Sailors) was an emotionally charged reminder of the warm sun, gentle breeze, and the wide expanses of the sea.

In addition to the show itself, artwork created by the members of the Styl i Moda Studio  paintings, drawings and sketches and objets dart were put on display. Mariyka Kovalevskas creations in the Petrykivsky style were particularly attractive, and Daryna Uvarkynas paintings, though still evidently created by a very young person, were nevertheless quite impressive.

All the works displayed had been created with the Ukrainian traditional folk art acting as a major inspiration. The traditional motives and themes proved to be easily blended with modern ideas.

Talented children are a creative potential of Ukraine and they should be given support so that they could develop their talents. The show was crowned with a song, Ukraine, sung by Ivanna, a young girl who had received a prize at the festival Children of the Universe held within the framework of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Reported by Halyna UVARKINA


Svitlana Kolomiyets collection
Ukrayina kray kvituchy
(Ukraine is a Land of Plenty).


Khrystyna Bilous collection Mify
Polissya (Myths of the Land of Polissya).


Nastya Melnyk-Mankovskas and Kateryna Rozhkovas
collection Pohlyad u davnynu (A Look into the Past).


Lidiya Maslachenkos collection Kanikuly
u seli (Vacations in the Village).


Natalya Sapons collection Poltavski Varenychky
(Little Dumplings from Poltava).


Oleksandra Dolinskas collection Spivuchi Karpaty
(People of the Carpathians Like Singing).


Maryna Kamburs collection Prohulyanka
po Derybasivsky (Strolling down
Derybasivska Street in Odesa).


Olena Sedakovas collection Ukrayina
kray kvituchy (Ukraine is a Land of Plenty).


Maryna Kinakh and her daughter Sofiyka.


Daryna Uvarkina, a young artist.


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