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Mini-Miss Beauty Contest


The 7th Ukrainian children festival, Mini-Miss Ukraine, was held in the city of Chernivtsi in June 2005. The young beauty and talent of the participants matched the mature beauty of the west Ukrainian city.


Thirty-two girls, aged four to twelve, from all the parts of Ukraine, came to Chernivtsi to take part in the festival and compete at the festival contests. The youngest, Alla Smyshlyayeva, who was only four, came from the city of Mykolayiv; some cities were represented by more than one participant Ч Ivanna Lupu, 11, and Olga Ryashyna, 10, came from Kyiv; the host city delegated three participants Ч Olga Bodnaryuk, 10, Erika Todoryshyna, 11, and Karina Klym, 6.

The organizer was the model agency Step by Step from Chernivtsi, whose director, Iryna Kotsur, did have to work very hard to put together a festival on the national scale. To get to the final, the girls had to go through auditions, rehearsals, photo sessions and video filming. The contestants were taken on the sightseeing tours of Chernivtsi and of the neighbouring towns. The mayor of Chernivtsi, Mykola Fedoruk, was introduced to the girls who gave him presents from the cities they represented and were given presents in return.

The final show proved to be spectacular Ч the days of rehearsals and preparations had not been spent in vain. The MCs of the show, Vasyl Ilashchuk, a well known Ukrainian telecaster who is a native of Bukovyna (Chernivtsi is its central city), and Marysya Horobets, an aspiring journalist and winner of a number of titles at prestigious beauty contests, added colour and elegance to the show. Among the guests were prominent people of Bukovyna, the mayor of Chernivtsi included.

The girls appeared on stage first wearing similar dresses, then each of them performed separately, dressed as characters from fairy tales, from films and even as popular singers. They danced and recited poems. The four-year-old girl from Mykolayiv, Alla Smyshlyayeva, earned enthusiastic applause when she performed a belly dance.

While the jury deliberated, the pop singer Alina Grosu, entertained the guests. The jury assessed the thespian and other talents of the contestants, and their dresses. The title of Little Miss of Ukraine was awarded to Karina Klym from Chernivtsi, and in August 2005 she will go to Brazil to take part in the Mini-Miss of Nations Contest to be held there. The title of Little Queen went to Ivanna Lupu from Kyiv, and Erika Todoryshyna from Chernivtsi won the title of Young Miss; she will take part in the Mini-Miss Contest.

The top award, Mini-Miss Ukraine-2005 was bestowed upon Anna Yepifantseva, 12, from Dnipropetrovsk.

The next Mini-Miss of Ukraine festival will be held in Kyiv.


By Oksana Melnychuk

Photos have been provided

by the organizers of the festival








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