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V. Ivasyuk Pop Song Contest in Western Ukraine


An ethno music festival, Krayina Mriy, was held in Kyiv in July; also in July, a pop music festival, Pisnya bude pomizh nas, was staged in the city of Chernivtsi. Nataliya OBOLENSKA, who was in Chernivtsi and went to have a look and a listen, filed this report.


Pisnya bude pomizh nas, or The Song Will Live with Us, is an international music festival that is held in Chernivtsi, a city in western Ukraine, in mid-summer. This year it was held for the third time. Within the framework of the festival, a pop song contest named after Volodymyr Ivasyuk, (the tenth such contest) was a special attraction. At the very same time, a great fair, Petrikivsky Yarmarok, was underway in the central park of Chernivtsi. Entertainment galore.

The streets adjacent to the park and the park itself were dotted with kiosks of many sizes, tents and stands which offered souvenirs, paintings, wood carving, embroidery, food, drinks, pastry and sweets. The crowds moved around, buying, gazing at the wares displayed and at each other, drinking soft drinks and beer, and making merry. The pouring rain that came almost literally out of the blue chased away the milling crowds, shut the kiosks and tents, but proved to be an unexpected though timely intermission. The park had time to prepare for the evening show.

The festival opened, as it traditionally does, with last years prize winners (Iryna Kostina and Oleksandr Kosovan from Moldova; Vesta Kameneva from Belarus; Anna Zotyeva, Olga Ivanova, Nazar Savko, Andriy Klemenko and Nataliya Valevska from Ukraine) performing their old and new songs much to the enjoyment of the festively dressed public. Nataliya Valevska, the winner of last years Shans (Chance) contest, sang a song, warmly received, which she was going to sing at the Slovyansky bazaar festival. The duet Pysanka, Pavlo Dvorsky and Vasyl Zinkevych, one of the first singers to start singing the late Volodymyr Ivasyuks songs, wrapped up the fist day of the festival with Volodymyr Ivasyuks best known songs, regaling the audience with such classics as Chervona Ruta. The audience could not help joining in the singing.

For three more days, the festival moved to Letniy Teatr (open-air theatre) where young pop singers performed their songs and Ivasyuks songs, doing their best to show what they were capable of. Everything mattered  their vocal abilities, the way they behaved on the stage, what kind of songs they performed, and which songs from Ivasyuks legacy they chose for performing.

The qualitative level of performers and their performances proved to be rather high, and in most cases the judgement of the jury coincided with the preferences of the audiences. Petro Dmytrychenko received a prize as the favourite of the audiences and journalists. The IIIrd prize went to Borys Hloba from Kyiv and Zheorzhetta Daraban from Moldova; the IInd prize was awarded to Serizhan Zhanahmetov from Uzbekistan and Kremena Kryakolova from Bulgaria (who, incidentally, had won prizes at the previous festival as well). The winner, acclaimed both by the jury and the audience, was Nataliya Shkurko, whose strong voice and artistic presentation of the song provided her with victory.

Among the discoveries of the Ivasyuk contest were several good voices of male singers and a number of Ivasyuks songs that had not been performed at the contests before. On the other hand, it came as a disappointment that the singers represented the same countries as before, with no other countries taking part, and that the Ukrainian land of Bukovyna, which is known for its excellent singers, was not represented at all. Hopefully, Bukovyna is saving its best talent for the next contest.

The gala show brought together this years and previous years prize winners. At the finale of the show, the members of the jury  composers and pop stars in their own right (Mykola Mozhovy; Olga Makarenko; Oksana Savchuk; Ivan Kavatsyuk; Ivo Bobul; GreenJolly; Alina Hrosu, Talita Kum; Oksana Pekun; Katya Buzhynska; Pascala from Bulgaria; Mansura Tashmatova from Uzbekistan; )  appeared on the stage to the thunderous applause of the audience. Ivasyuks song, Pisnya bude pomizh nas, was sung in chorus by the performers, the jury and the happy audience who stayed on in spite of the rain that cancelled the promised fireworks.


Photos by Viktor PENSKY


Winners of the 10th Young Singers Contest.


Seryzhan Zhanakhmetov, 2nd prize winner.


Kremena Kryakolova, 2nd prize winner.


Borys Hloba, 3rd prize winner.


Georgetta Daraban from Moldova, 3rd prize winner.


Petro Dmytrychenko, winner of the favourite
of the audiences and journalists prize.




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