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Youth Festival that celebrates the golden era of an ancient culture


A youth festival, Zolota era Trypillya Ч Golden Era of the Trypillya Culture will be held in the village of Trypillya, Kyiv Oblast, May14 through May 22 2005.


Hundreds of craftsmen and folk artists from all the parts of Ukraine will offer their works of decorative and applied art to the guests who will come to the festival during which the participants will be invited to live in tents. The local archeological museum will show the exhibition of artifacts of the Trypillya culture which dates to the fifth or fourth millennia BCE.

Ancient Ukrainian customs, rituals and games, and reconstructed Trypillya technologies will be demonstrated in the centre of the village and in other places. With the festival guests and participants looking on, ceramics will be made; the techniques of restoration of archeological finds will be shown as well as making of ancient weapons and of clay decorations and treatment of animal skins. Ancient dresses and decorations will be offered for trying on; dishes of ancient cuisine will be cooked and offered for tasting; archery competitions will be staged.

Everyday, during the festival, there will be souvenirs on sale, dance and song groups will perform folk music, bards will recite their poems and sing their songs.

Brochures in English and Ukrainian about the Trypillya culture will be available.

Shuttle bus service will be organized from the Dnipro and Respublikansky stadion subway stations in Kyiv to the village of Trypillya. Those who wish will be able to find accommodation in the tents of the festivalТs tent city.

No smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the territory where the festival will be held.


The more detailed programme of the festival will be made available at Kyv hotels, tourist companies and at


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