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A tent camp for Eurovision Song Contest fans



A tent city sprang up on the central street of Kyiv, Khreshchatyk, during the Orange Revolution. Protesters from all over Ukraine lived in the tents in freezing weather of late fall and winter, protesting in this way against the election fraud and supporting free and fair presidential election and freedoms in Ukraine. The Revolution ended peacefully but triumphantly, the tents were dismantled and packed away. But now, several months later, they have been put up again.



This time a new tent city was pitched not as a form of protest but to accommodate those guests of the Eurovision Song Contest who will prefer simple  though not without some creature comforts  conditions of living in tents in a picturesque place called Trukhaniv Island.

In contrast to Coney Island, New York, Trukhaniv is indeed an island which is connected to the city by a bridge. In fact, it is only about a twenty-minute walk from the centre of Kyiv. The island which is girded by sand beaches covered with sunbathing bodies in summer, is a vast expanse of meadows and trees and attracts a lot of people who want to chill out or warm up on weekends or after work.

The idea to have a tent city set up in the island for Eurovision Song Contest guests who would like to experience the rigours of camp life, was suggested by the Nova Pora public organization, and was supported by the CFC Consulting Company and the National Television Company of Ukraine. The city authorities were worried at first lest the camp do damage to the environment but after all the assurances that all possible care would be taken to minimize any damage to the natural environment of the island, permission was given to go ahead with setting up the camp.



The EuroCamp can accommodate several thousand people among whom there will be Euro guests and Ukrainian and foreign journalists. Running water, toilets, shower rooms, food stores and other amenities are provided. The dominant colour of the camp is, naturally, orange, as it was in the time of the Orange Revolution. Some of the tents are actually those that stood in the tent city in Khreshchatyk during the height of the revolution. Drums, empty barrels and cans which were used to produce deafening revolutionary noise in front of the government buildings are also there. This time anybody who wishes to experience a bit of excitement of free-style drumming is welcome to do so.

The Euro campers will be entertained by a show in which a number of pop stars, who appeared on Maydan to cheer up the protesters, will participate  Ruslana, GreenJolly, Oleh Skrypka, Mariya Burmaka, Taras Petrynenko, Mandry and others. A display of fireworks will crown the show. But the Euro campers will be exposed not only to Ukrainian pop music  there will be folk dances and singing, display and sale of paintings; and exhibition of art photographs, and Cossack games. Those with an artistic talent are welcome to try their luck at creating sand castles and sculptures; those with athletic inclinations, can join sides and play soccer or participate in the tug-of-war competitions, with the great Ukrainian strong man Vasyl Virastyuk pulling the other end; those who have a palate for good wine, will surely enjoy tasting the best Crimean wines; those with gourmet inclinations will be offered dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.



Those of a more daring kind are welcome to go up in air balloons to have a birds eye view of the Dnipro River, and of Kyiv with its sprawling parks and golden domes of churches. Discotheques at night provide a more down-to-earth but lively entertainment. During the day, the Euro campers will be able to watch the events and performances of the Eurovision Song Contest televised live on big TV screens. Those with the tickets will be able to get to the Palats Sportu concert hall where the contest is to be held, by shuttle buses.

The fees for accommodation in the EuroCamp are very modest  about ten Euros a day.

Welcome to experience the post-revolutionary, Euro tent life for real!


Photos have been provided

by the Organizing Committee

of Tent City EuroCamp




Programme of the Eurovision Song Contest  2005, Kyiv

May 1121

Semi-final and Final of the Eurovision Song Contest  2005, Palats Sportu Concert Hall.

May 18

Ukraine Welcomes Friends

Gala Opening of the Eurovision Song Contest, Maydan Nezalezhnosti Central Square.

May 1822

Kyiv Forever Youth Open-Air Shows

Boulevard Shevchenko

and Instytutska Street.

May 22

UkraineEurope. The Future.

Gala Concert dedicated to the Closing Ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest, with participation

of Eurovision  2005 winners

and Ukrainian pop stars.

May 1921

Eurovision  2005. After-Party Show

Palats Sportu Concert Hall.


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