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Ukrainian fashions are in vogue


The Ukrainian style in fashion is different from any other style. It follows its own line, it has a number of features which distinguish it from any other style. It is less known in the world than other styles and is still in need of being promoted. Some critics call it ďa style in fashion with its own philosophy.Ē The recent Seasons of Fashion shows in Kyiv have provided another proof of high merits and highly distinct features of the Ukrainian style in fashion.

Ukraine and its style in fashion had been virtually unknown outside its borders until the Orange Revolution which swept the new government to power, has made Ukraine much better known around the world. Ukrainians in Ukraine felt proud to be Ukrainians, things Ukrainian became popular and fashionable, the orange colour in particular. President Yushchenkoís wife Kateryna Chumachenko and Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko wear clothes designed and made by Ukrainian fashion designers; a growing number of businesspersons and showbiz people, artists and actors do the same.

Social changes do affect the world of fashion but even more important for this world are events like Seasons of Fashion Ukrainian Pret-a-Porter shows regularly held in spring and in fall. Seasons of Fashion shows in Kyiv began to be held eight years ago and this year the fashion designers who presented their work at the shows were particularly creative, probably inspired by the recent tempestuous political events. The venue of the sixteenth Seasons of Fashion shows was the International Exhibition Centre. The shows which lasted from March 17 through March 20, were even more impressive and spectacular than before.

Twenty two designers presented their twenty five collections which were an excellent guide to the autumnĖwinter fashion 2005/2006. Five designers took part in the shows for the first time. The commercial partners of the shows, Shedevr-PERFORMANCEívesna 2005 Company and AleXX Brand, provided dainty Shedevr (Masterpiece) candies and exquisite cognac AleXX.

The first all-Ukraine music television station M1 broadcast live ó the first time ever! ó the Seasons of Fashion shows and a lot of other, behind-the-scene events connected with the show, thus making it possible for a much greater number of followers of fashion to enjoy the Seasons of Fashion spectacle.


By Marysya Horobets

The photos have been provided

by the Seasons of Fashion

shows organizers.


From Petro Nesterenkoís collection
for DOMINANTA Art Studio.


From Anna Bublykís collection.


Ukraineís First Lady Kateryna Yushchenko
at the Roksolana Bohutskaís
and Oksana Karavanskaís shows.


Shedevr (Masterpiece) candies made
by Shedevr-PERFORMANCEívesna 2005 Company
were distributed among the guests.


From Roksolana Bohutskaís collection.


From LYUdmyla KISlenkoís collection.


From Aina Gaseís collection.


From Oleksiy Zalevskyís collection.


Olha Sumska (right), an actress,
and Viktoriya Lytovchenko (left),
a representative of AleXX brand.




From Yury Varyvodaís collection
for Stolychny brand.


From NB POUSTOVITís collection.


From left to right: Ukrainian pop singers Olha Kryukova,
Karina Play; Hanna Matiko-Bubnova, head of the Kyiv City Council
Humanitarian Policies Commission; Anzhelika Rudnytska,
a Ukrainian pop singer; Tetyana Kremeshna,
an owner of OLESIYA net of boutiques.


From Tetyana Ivashchenkoís
collection for Tekstyl-LUX brand.


From Olena Vorozhbytís
and Tetyana Zemskovaís collection.


From Olena Oliynykís collection.


From Oksana Karavanskaís collection.


Karakul-sheep fur hats added a charming
touch to Yokut Shmidís collection.


From Olena Holetsí collection
for Dolce DONNA brand.


From Yokut Shmidís collection.




From Viktor Anisimovís collection.


From Natasha Hlazkovaís collection.


From NOTA BENE&KARAVAYís collection.


From Khrystyna Husinaís collection.


From Yury Zhuykovís and Maryna Fedorchenkoís
collection for TV Music Channel M1.


From Tetyana Karambolís collection.



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