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Zolote Pero  Gold Pen 2005 awards


Welcome to Ukraine was awarded the Zolote pero2005 (Gold Pen2005), the top journalistic award in Ukraine for best English-language magazine about Ukraine. It is the second such award that the Mizhnarodny Turyzm Publishing House has earned.


The 5th International Best Media Contest Zolote pero was held in the National Concert Hall Ukrayina on March 1. Media from Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Poland, Russia and some other countries took part in the contest. The award-presentation ceremony, attended by a capacity crowd of journalists from print, online and broadcasting media, was enlivened by pop stars, for some, not quite a clear reason, mostly Russian, whose appearances on stage were sandwiched between the official announcements of the winners and presentation of the awards.

The Zolote pero for best political TV show went to the Chas (Time) news programme of the Channel 5 TV station. The award was received by Andriy Shevchenko, chief editor of the Chas programme. Channel 5, a TV station of honest news, was actually the only TV station which, before and during the presidential election campaign and the events of the Orange Revolution, remained for millions of Ukrainians a single TV source of uncensored information. Radio ERA was awarded the Zolote pero for doing the same on the radio. The Georgian Rustavi-2 TV station was named best foreign TV station in covering the events of the Orange Revolution. Petro Poroshenko, now a high government official and during the Orange Revolution one of its most active leaders, was awarded the Zolote pero for personal contribution to the development of democracy and support of freedom of speech in Ukraine. Ukrainian magazines Paparazzi, Kyivsky Kapitalist (Kyiv Capitalist) and Natali received awards in other nominations.

Welcome to Ukraine has been in publication for ten years. It is the only English-language magazine in Ukraine which presents such a wide picture of Ukraine  culture in all of its aspects; history from the most ancient to more recent times; the performing, visual, decorative and applied arts; pivotal political events; architectural and natural landmarks; in-depth stories about scientists, scholars, events of particular importance and about places of particular interest; interviews; fashions; everyday life; traditions and customs; sports; humour, fairy tales, and recipes of popular Ukrainian dishes, to name some of the most important subjects that receive regular coverage in this magazine.

Welcome to Ukraine is an impendent periodical which has always made it a point to provide unbiased views on pivotal issues of the present and of the past. The magazine is grateful to those who support it and to those companies which provide financial backing by placing their advertisements on the WU pages. Welcome to Ukraine is invariably present at numerous international tourist exhibitions, Olympic games, and other similar international events of major significance.

Welcome to Ukraine targets English-speaking readerships around the world providing unbiased information about Ukraine by means of articles, essays and stories and by means of colourful photographs, all of which are aimed at challenging stereotypes about this country. Ukraine is not a province of Russia; Ukraine is not only a grim land devastated by the Chornobyl nuclear power disaster; Ukraine is not a backward tiny country to be found only on the biggest maps  Ukraine is an independent, sovereign European state with a history that goes back thousands of years in time that builds rockets to launch satellites and the biggest planes in the world; Ukraine is a land of great natural beauty and abundant resources.

At the same time, Welcome to Ukraine boldly writes about many problems in economic, political and cultural spheres that this country faces.

Encouraged by the Zolote pero award, the publisher, editors, journalists and translators of Welcome to Ukraine will continue to do their best in presenting Ukraine in all of its multifarious facets to the world at large.


Viktor Sydorenko contributed to this report

Photos by Oleksiy Onishchuk


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