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Greeting of President of Ukraine to the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest


Dear Friends!

Ukraine heartily greets the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest and guests from the whole of Europe.

Today Ukrainians feel themselves to be an integral part of the European family of democratic nations. That is the way we see things, for the sake of which we are working today and carrying out reforms on an unprecedented scale in the history of our country.

In twelve months that have passed since the previous contest, Ukraine has travelled a long way which other countries take decades to traverse. Ruslana’s victory was of a great importance for “the revolution of dignity” in the collective conscience of the Ukrainians. We felt that people in Europe understood Ukraine, supported it and related to it.

The victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 actually started the Year of Ukraine in Europe, which ended in the triumph of the Orange Revolution on Maydan. We shall always remember that during the decisive days of the Orange Revolution thousands of Europeans were together with us in Kyiv, and hundreds of millions supported us across the great expanse of land from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

Ukraine opens its doors to guests from Europe, opens its capital to them. I hope that every participant and every music fan who comes to Kyiv will have an ample chance to see the sights of one of the most ancient cities of the world, to enjoy its beauty, to feel its warmth and hospitality. You have come to a country that is living thorough a great positive change. I am convinced that the way the contest is organized will make it possible for you to feel this change occurring in the life of this country and of its capital. The month of May in Kyiv is the time when nature reawakens, and together with nature our country reawakens and blooms as well.

The fiftieth jubilee Eurovision Song Contest is being held in Kyiv. This song festival is older than the European Union and it is very symbolic. United Europe is a common cultural space to which you, dear participants of the Eurovision Song Contest and millions of viewers, belong. Ukraine will always be a harmonious constituent part of this space, which has been formed not only by politicians but by the peoples of Europe, by their common values, history and culture. Coming to Kyiv, you will be able to feel it once again.

I greet all the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest and all the guests! I wish you creative enthusiasm, successful performances and excellent mood. May the best win!


Victor Yushchenko,

President of Ukraine

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