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Calendars of artistic and cultural events in Ukraine to be held in 2005




Tavriyski Ihry

Tavria Games International Festival, Kakhovka, May 1-3. Organizer  CJSC Tavriyski Ihry, 29 Pavlivska Str., Kyiv.

The pop music festival is annually held in the town of Kakhovka in the Land of Khersonshchyna and is attended by dozens of thousands of spectators;


Pictorial Ukraine

All-Ukraine Art Exhibition, the National Society of Ukrainian Artists, as part of the In a Free and New Family Festival devoted to Taras Shevchenko;

Kyiv. Tel.: +38 (044) 271-0133



Youth Festival, the only film festival in Ukraine officially approved by the International Federation of Cinema Producers FIAPF, Paris, France;


Serge Lifar De La Dance

International Festival. The event is named after the famous choreographer, Serge Lifar; he was born and educated in Kyiv; after immigrating to France, he established himself as a revolutionary choreographer who greatly influenced the development of ballet in the 20th century.


Body-Art 4th International Festival

Odesa, May 2. Organizer  Pasazh Ltd. Tel.: +38 (044) 258-2141.



International Festival of Ethnic Theatres with participants from countries of the former Soviet Union and some European countries, in the town of Mukacheve.


Celebrations of 920th anniversary of the city of Lutsk, Volyn Oblast; Lutsk is a regional centre that sits on the river Styr, 470km from Kyiv.


My city is my life Film Festival.

Organizers  the Lutsk Department of Culture, and Lutsk City Council, Volyn Oblast.


German Community

festival of national minorities, in Svalyava, Zakarpattya; Oblast festival of games Hraylyk, Svalyava is a city on the Latorytsya River, 72 km away from Uzhgorod.


Zoloty Soloveyko

Golden Nightingale Slovak Folk Song Contest.

Crystal shoe Dance Festival, in the village of Serednye, Uzhgorod Oblast.


Rumanian Folk Art Festival held in the villages of Bila Tserkva, Serednye, Vodyane of Rakhiv Raion, Zakarpatska Oblast; Rakhiv, a town on the Tysa River, is situated 209 km away from the city of Uzhgorod.


Pricarpatska vesna-2005

Carpathian Spring Art Festival 2005. Organizer  Department of Culture of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Administration, Philharmonic Society.

Tel.: +38 (0342) 55-1925, tel./fax: 8 (0342) 55-22-23


Kyiv in May

7th International Theatre Festival; among the guests of the festival are Belgian Puppet Theatre Butterfly and Swedish Childrens Theatre Ungaricks; Swiss Playback Theatre presents the Awakening of Spring Programme.


Gates of the Castle

International Blacksmiths Festival.

Organizer  Art and History Fund.

Tel.: +38 (0322) 35-26-09


2nd Fairy Tales Theatre Festival, Shevchenko Hai Park, Lviv.

Tel.: +38 (0322) 71-23-60



Virtuosos  International Festival of Musical Art, Lviv;

the annual festival which usually lasts two weeks.

This year musicians from ten countries of the world will perform at the festival.



220th Anniversary of Simferopol, June 5-6.

Simferopol is the administrative and cultural centre of the Crimea.


Day of Stryi, June 5-6.

The town of Stryi has a long history which goes back into the medieval times.


Lviv Welcomes Friends Beer Festival. Lviv, June 6.

Enjoy street shows, concerts and take part in competitions;

Tel.: +38 (0322) 297-15-82;


Day of Truskavets , June 19.

Truskavets is a popular spa in Ukraine, situated some 60 miles south of Lviv, in the ecologically clean area at the picturesque Carpathian foothills;


Zolotoverhy Kyiv

The 9th City of the Golden Domes Kyiv Choir Fest.

Organizer  Kyiv Chamber Choir.

Tel.: +38 (044) 269-4291


Chervona Ruta

All-Ukraine Pop Music Festival, Kyiv.

Organizer  Chervona Ruta Ltd.

Tel.: +38 (044) 237-7632, 237-7645


Bosporski Agony

International Theatre Festival of Antique Art, the town of Kerch, Crimea.

Organizer  Bospor Fund. Bosporski Agony Festival was founded in 1999. The theatre festival which is a recreation of Ancient Greek celebrations in honour of Dyonisos, is held in Pantikapey, an Ancient Greek colony on the southern coast of Crimea.

Tel.: +38 (06561) 2-82-55


Fairy-Tale Yalta International Sister-Cities Festival, Yalta.


Chimes over Lemkyvshchyna

Dzvony Lemkivshchyny Festival of Lemkiv Culture;

in Monastyrsk, Ternopil Oblast; over 60 amateur and artistic groups are to take part in the festival.


Victoriya All-Ukrainian Festival of Chamber Choirs,

Yalta, June 26-30;

an event which is a must for lovers of chamber music.



May the Song Live Among Us International Song Festival, Chernivtsi. July 10-14.

Organizer V.Ivasyuk Fund.

This year among the participants will be singers from Moldova, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and other countries.

Tel.: +38 (044) 247-2340


Sheshory-2005 Festival, July 12-14.

The village of Sheshory, the Carpathian Mountains.

Musicians from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Ireland play ethnic music, reggae, dub and ethnojazz ;

artists present their works in the land-art style.

Tel./Fax: +38 (044) 287 6277;



Na khvylyakh Svityazya  Waves of Svityaz River Festival of Ukrainian Pop Song, the town of Lutsk.


Melodies of Salt Lakes Oblast Festival of National Minorities of Zakarpattya, the village of Solotvyno, Tyachivsky Raion.


Bulgakov International Art Festival, Kyiv; Mikhail Bulgakov is a remarkable Russian writer, one of his famous works

is The Master and Margarita.


Rzhyshchivs Wreath Folklore and Ethnography Archaeological Festival, the town of Rzhyshchiv; Rzhyshchiv, a town of regional subordination situated in the estuary of the Lehlychi River.


Chumatsky Shlyakh Republican Ethnographic Festival, Yevpatoriya; in the end of 6th century there existed a Greek town called Kerkinthida, beginning from 1784 this city

is being called Yevpatoriya.



Cinema Fest  Yalta 2005 International Film Festival,

Yalta, August 1-7.

Yalta is one of the resorts in Ukraine. Yalta is a combination of the beauty of the Black Sea shores, the exotics of the local mountains, and the scent of Oriental antiquities.


Lesyas Background International Literary and Art Festival, Novhorod-Volynsky, Zhytomyr Oblast, August 24.


The Day of Novhorod-Volynsky, August 24.

Novhorod-Volynsky is situated 87 km away from Zhytomyr, a birthplace of the renowned Ukrainian poetess, Lesya Ukrayinka.


Yaltas Seasons International Opera and Ballet Festival, Yalta; August 24-29.


Surmy International Festival of Chamber Music, the town of Rivne.

Rivne is situated on the Ustya River, 321 km away from Kyiv.


Genoas Slalom. Knights Castle.

International Festival of Fencing, the town of Sudak.

Sudak is situated on the Black Sea, 57 km away from Theodosia, a Crimean resort.



Boykivsky 4th International Festival, September 5-7;

the town of Dolyni, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast;

programme includes scientific conference, various exhibitions, meetings, big cultural and sports programme.


Universal Stars International Classical Music Festival, Yalta.

Organizer  Ukrayina Mystetska.

Young musicians and vocalists, the Grand-Prix and first prize winners of different competitions will participate in the festival. Among the participants of the festival are those from Austria, Armenia, Holland, Poland, Canada, the USA, Russia, Sweden, South Korea and Ukraine.

Tel.: +38 (044) 486-8616


Holidays. Autumn Winter 2005, 14th Kyiv Youth and Family Tourist Exhibition, Kyiv, September 16-18.


Day of Drohobych, September 19;

Drohobych is a city at the foothills of the Carpathians, 102 km away from Lviv.



Kyiv Music Fest 2005, from September 24 through October 2.

Organizer: Ukrayina Mystetska .The program of the festival includes round-table talks, conferences, all-Ukrainian competition of L. Ukrayinkas readers, big concert program, and the night of chamber and vocal music. The festival will unite musicians, composers and singers not only from Ukraine but also from Canada, America and Poland.

Tel.: +38 (044) 486-8616


More druziv

Ocean of Friends International TV Festival and 9th International Pop Song Contest Yalta 2005, September20-25.

Organizer  V. Ivasyuk Fund.

Tel.: +38 (044) 247-2340


Day of Chernihiv, September 21;

Chernihiv is the city and regional centre on the right bank of the Desna River, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, 150 km away from Kyiv.


World Tourism Day 2005, Kyiv, September 20-27;


Lesyas Autumn;

cultural and artistic celebrations at the Yalta Literary and Memorial Museum of L. Ukrayinka.

Organizer  Ukrayina Mystetska.

Tel.: +38 (044) 486-8616


Sedniv Autumn; literary and artistic celebrations, the town of Sedniv, Chernigiv Oblast.

Organizer  the Culture Department of Chernigiv Oblast Administration.

Tel.: +38 (04622) 7-44-09


Day of Berdyansk.

Berdyansk is a city on the shores of the Sea of Azov, a famous resort centre.


Day of Kirovohrad.

Kirovohrad is a regional centre on the Inhul River;


Day of Sudak.

Sudak is the city on the shores of the Black Sea, a popular resort in Crimea region.


Day of Khmelnytsky.

Khmelnytsky is a regional centre on the Southern Buh and Ploska Rivers.


Day of Kamyanets-Podilsky.

Kamyanets-Podilsky is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, situated on the Smotrych River, 102 km away from Khmelnytsky.



Bukovynas meetings 16th International Folklore Festival, Chernivtsi, October 1-2

Day of Chernivtsi, October 1-2.

Chernivtsi is the cultural centre of Bukovyna,

650km away from Kyiv;


Zoloty Lev  Golden Lion International Theatre Festival,

Lviv (held biannually, the following festival is in 2006).

Organizer  Lviv Spiritual Theatre Resurrection.

This year 30 companies from Europe and Asia will perform at the best venues of this fascinating city.

Tel./Fax: +38 (0322) 74-1160


Stars of the World Ballet 12th International Art Festival, Donetsk.

Organizer Solovyanenko Academic State Theatre of Ballet and Opera of Donetsk.

Tel.: + 38 (0622)92-9290, 92-23-48


Interlyalka International Puppet Theatre Festival, Uzhgorod, (held biannually, the following festival is in 2006).

Organizer  Zakarpattya Puppet Theater.

Tel./Fax: +38 (03122) 3-30-49


All-Ukraine Art Exhibition dedicated to the Day of Artist.

Organizer  the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Tel.: +38 (044) 272-0133


International Festival of Chamber Music, the town of Mukacheve, Zakarpattya; Mukacheve is a city and district centre, 40 km away from Uzhgorod, on Latorytsya River.


Day of Zaporizhzhya.

Zaporizhzhya, a city and regional centre founded in 1770

on the site of the Zaporizhzhya Cossack camp and situated on Dnipro river.


Day of Morshyn.

Morshyn is a unique resort of the Ukrainian Carpathians

in the Stryi district, 89km from Lviv.


Day of Uman. Uman is a picturesque town in Cherkasy Oblast, well-known for a charming park Sofiyevka.



Shalyapin 4th International Festival of Choral Music, Yalta, November 2-9.

Festival features both professional and amateur choral groups from Russia and Ukraine.


Day of Uzhgorod; Uzhgorod is a city and the centre of the Transcarpathian region, on the Uzh River.


Krushelnytska International Opera Festival, Lviv, November 16-26.


Kolesa International Festival of Choir Conductors, Lviv.

Lviv is a city of striking Baroque and Renaissance architecture and the focal point of Ukrainian national culture.


Cultural and Artistic Events organized by the Department of Culture, Arts and Protection of Cultural Heritage, May 2005, Kyiv


April May

Exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Victory-in-Europe Day  paintings, graphic art, sculptureKyiv Museum of Russian Art


May 14

Celebration of Europes Day Kreshchatyk Street


May 15

Events dedicated to Kyiv being awarded the honorary title of the European Region of the Year. Maydan Nezalezhnosti


May 16

Ukrainian National Clothes. Traditions and Modern Times Exhibition Ukrainian Museum of Folk and Decorative Art.


May 20-30

Kyiv in May International Theatre Festival. Theatre companies and individual performers from many countries of the world come to Kyiv to show their thespian talents.


May 28-29

The Day of the Capital (May 28) and the Day of Kyiv (May 29)


Classical Music for the People of Kyiv Concert;

participants: soloists of National Opera of Ukraine, Kyiv Youth Musical Theatre and other leading performers Mykhailivska Ploshcha


Pan Varenyk Folklore Festival with participation of amateur folk sing and dance groups Spivoche Pole, Pechersk Park


The Holiday of Beauty in the City of Beauty Concert dedicated to the Day of Kyiv.

Kyivs Queen2005 Beauty Contest, Yevropeyska Ploshcha


Silver Shark International Festival of Underwater Art.

Exhibition of photographs taken underwater


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