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UITT-2005, International Tourism Exhibition



The 11th Ukraine International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (UITT) was held in Kyiv from March 30 through April 2. The exhibition reflected the coming summer tourist season; at the same time it turned out to be a tourist fair which offered a great many tourist routes and places to visit in Ukraine.


UITT is a major tourist event in Ukraine. There is a growing understanding in Ukraine of the role that tourism can play in the national economy. There are several reasons to hope that the number of tourists visiting Ukraine this year will grow. Among these reasons are the Orange Revolution that stirred a wide-spread interest in Ukraine around the world, and the Eurovision Song Contest that will be held in Kyiv this May following the Ukrainian pop star Ruslanas victory at the last years Eurovision Song Contest.

This year, UITT was organized by the Premier-Expo Company, a member of the prestigious international ITE Group. The venue of the exhibition, the biggest in Ukraine, was the International Exhibition Centre. The exhibition occupied 8,500 square meters of floor space, with 850 companies from 38 countries of the world represented. All the regions of Ukraine were represented by separate stands. UITT exhibitions, the biggest in Ukraine, are annual events and their size grows by fifteen to twenty percent a year which is a good indication of the growth of tourism in Ukraine. Even the physical size of the stands and sections grows and reaches monumental proportions. In addition to tour operators and agencies, hotels of all levels of comfort and rest homes were well represented; new hotel equipment and new technologies, sports gadgets of all possible kinds included, were also on display.

25,000 people visited the exhibition, very many of whom were tour agents. The number of business contacts and agreements increased and the general effect was greater than at previous exhibitions. The Crimean tourist agencies said that they found the UITT exhibition more fruitful than the MITT exhibition, the fifth largest tourist exhibition in the world, which was held in Moscow (incidentally, it was also organized by the ITE Group).

The Turkish section at the UITT2005 exhibition was the largest, occupying about twenty percent of all the floor space given to foreign tourist companies. Turkey has been in the lead in this respect for several years. Poland had the second biggest foreign section at UITT2005. Polish tourist agencies offer water tourism at the Masurian Lakes and treatment and health improvement in Lower Silesia; in many respects, the climatic and other conditions in Lower Silesia are similar to those of better known Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. The number of European participants of UITT has grown; among the countries that took part in the exhibition for the first time were Norway, Georgia, Dominican Republic, Peru and Kenya.

The Ukrainian section at the UITT2005 exhibition, which was reserved thanks to the help of the National Tourist Organization and which was bigger than last years by thirty percent, included three stands  Ukrayina turystychna (Tourism in Ukraine); Kyiv turystychny (Tourism in Kyiv), and The Crimea. A separate stand, small but very colourful, Ukrayinska khata (Ukrainian peasant house), the same one that enjoyed a great popularity at the tourist exhibition ITB Berlin2005, proved to be the focus of attention at the Ukrainian section. 6 Ukrainian regions, thanks to the assistance of the National Tourist Organization and the Federation of Rural Tourism, showed what they could offer in the field of green and rural tourism. The owners of the houses where tourists can find accommodation, described the attractions of the places they invited to visit and stay at; Ukrainian traditional and folk songs were sung and dishes of Ukrainian cuisine were cooked and offered to the visitors.

No wonder Ukrayinska khata was the most crowded place at the UITT2005 exhibition.


Reported by Yevhen Budko

Photos by Oleksiy Onishchuk


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