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Krasotel Companys European approach to hotel management


Yalta on the Crimean southern coast is often referred to as the resort capital of Ukraine. In addition to tourists, Yalta plays host to international conferences, summits, and business meetings. It is in Yalta that summits of the heads of states of the countries of the former Soviet Union take place; presidents of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Poland meet in Yalta for talks.

The climate of the section of the Crimean southern coast where Yalta is situated can be compared to that of southern France. The air, sea and mountains combine in Yalta to produce a uniquely salubrious effect. The natural scenery is more magnificent than in the famous coastal areas of Turkey, Italy or Croatia.

Krasotel Company was founded in 2002 to take part in carrying out reconstruction projects in Moscow, Russia. Krasotel made a considerable contribution to housing development programmers of the Investment Programmers Department of the Government of Moscow.

We do all our work to world standards, says Oktay Aliyev, Krasotel general manager.

One of the main directions in the work of Krasotel is development and introduction of hotel management systems:

      Hotel management and running know-how

      Finding sites for construction and providing recommendations

      Dealing with administrative and legal matters

      Reconstruction of hotels, health-improvement centres or providing recommendations for their reconstruction

      Organization of structuring of companies

      Consulting in problems of hospitality industry

      Development of organizational design of hotels and their management systems

      Reengineering of business processes of hospitality industry companies

      Management of organizational changes

      Auditing quality and checking systems

      Transformation of hotel accounting reports into an internationally acceptable format

      Introduction of budgeting systems

      Optimization of hotels inner control

      Choosing and introducing complex automated hotels management systems

      Development of business plans and marketing plans for hotels and sanatoria

      Optimization of logistics and delivery systems

A company is reliable and efficient only when the qualification levels of the companys personnel are high, when there is a stability in all the directions of its activity, when there is confidence that correct decisions are made, without which it would not be possible to use the newest technologies. All the hotels of the Krasotel chain are equipped with the newest systems of hotel and restaurant management.

Internet booking makes it possible for individual and corporate customers of Krasotel to book rooms and order additional services in real time, using their discounts.

One of the main goals of the company is to provide its partners with stable business through introduction of new management technologies and by taking right decisions based on such technologies.

Krasotel takes a great care to make sure that the hotel management is highly professional, that the stuff is well trained, that the hotel complexes are provided with the state-of-the-art equipment, that the work is highly efficient and that the customers are satisfied.

Krasotel conference halls are fully equipped to hold the most sophisticated conferences, meetings and negotiations. Every room in Krasotel hotel is provided with an Internet connection.

Krasotel runs its own training centre to train medium-level management. The hotel stuff is trained as well to meet the toughest requirements. A system of tests makes it possible who of the applicants or trainees meets all the requirements. Specialized training is done in food, engineering, safety and security, and maintenance services.

What kinds of additional services are offered depends on where a Krasotel hotel is situated. Krasotel-Levant, for example, which is situated in Yalta proper, right at the waterfront (the only such hotel in Yalta), offers additional beach services. In fact, all the services at this hotel are beach-oriented. Krasotel-Nord is situated in Partenit, a satellite town within the limits of Greater Yalta, about a hundred yards from the beach. Partenit is famous for its microclimate and natural beauty. The annual mean temperature there is about the same as in Nice, France, but with much less precipitation. Such conditions suggest that at Krasotel-Nord more attention is paid to health-improvement services and to hosting conferences which can be held the year round, regardless of the seasons.

In September 2002, the first visitors of Krasotel-Levant were the participants of a prestigious International Cinema Forum Together. Afterwards this modern hotel of the European class has become a favorite place for tourists not only from Ukraine but also from around the world.

Krasotel develops mostly three-star hotels,

without making special efforts to have three-star certificates issued to Krasotel hotels officially. But a corresponding level of services is maintained and creative innovations are regularly introduced.

Krasotel has been awarded Ukrainian and international prizes. Among them  Best Investment Project of 2002; European Quality 2003; Vyshcha proba Quality Rating; Earthmakers Lider otrasli for the best project in the countries of the former Soviet Union in 2004.

Krasotel runs hotels not only in Ukraine but in other countries of the former Soviet Union as well. Krasotel-Levant-1 and Krasotel-Levant-2 are situated in Yalta, close to the water-front, surrounded by parks. All the rooms enjoy panoramic views of the sea, mountains and the town of Yalta.




This hotel has a spa centre which includes swimming pool with hydro-massage and artificial waves; a sauna bath, Finnish style, and a steam bath, Turkish style; a fitness centre, massage centre, medical-rehabilitation centre, table tennis, tennis courts, billiard room and a parking lot.

Modern design, comfortable furniture, most sophisticated equipment at the fitness and rehabilitation centres and location make staying at this hotel a highly pleasurable experience.




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