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Planning a tourist trip to a foreign country can be done with the help of a map  but better to turn to a tourist agency where you will be provided with brochures and advice. But even when you decide upon the route of your travel and places you want to visit, you will have to get a visa, book tickets, reserve rooms in hotels, and do other things which may annoy and take a lot of time. A lot depends on the tourist agency you go to. Some are much more helpful and reliable than others. BYTSKO is such a company.


BYTSKO has been recognized as a leading tour operator in Ukraine that receives foreign tourists and organizes foreign tours for Ukrainians. A number of foreigners visiting Ukraine has increased this year following the events of the Orange Revolution. A great many of these foreign tourists have used the services of the BYTSKO travel company.

BYTSKO has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 1993. Starting from 1998, BYTSKO has been working in cooperation with the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations and the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe. BYTSKO provided services for foreign observers before and during the parliamentary and presidential election campaigns.

Last year, the Ukrainian pop singer Ruslana won the Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, and now it is Ukraines turn to play host to this contest. It happens to be the fiftieth time that such contest will be held, and it has attracted a record number of participants, music lovers, and journalists. BYTSKO considers it an honour to have been chosen the official tour operator of the Eurovision Song Contest.

It is not the first time that BYTSKO provides services for touring musicians and pop stars. In 2002, BYTSKO organized a tour of Ukraine for the Davidoff Friendship Tour Orchestra, and in 2003 it organized a tour of Ukraine for the pop singer Ani Lorak, to mention just two of the most important tours of this kind.

For eleven years, BYTSKO has been providing tourist services for groups and individual tourists from many countries of the world. One of the major strengths of the company is its flexibility and ability to act in many spheres of tourist activity. In addition to all those things that a tourist agency is supposed to do, BYTSKO organizes conferences, round-table discussions and guided tours. BYTSKO, for example, took care of the Real Madrid soccer fans who arrived in Ukraine to watch the game of their side, and of the Portuguese Rugby Team. BYTSKO organized a UN family protection conference, a UN AIDS conference, a human rights UN round table discussion, to mention just a couple of more important conferences.

BYTSKO, as an active participant of the world tourist business, is a member of the American Tourism Society (ATS), American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Tourist Association of Ukraine (TAU), and International Air Transport Association (IATA). In 2004, BYTSKO was invited to join the American Chamber of Commerce (ACC). Among its partners (GIL Travel, General Tours, Exeter, Rich Travel, USA; Aufgang Travel, Canada; Unitours, Israel; Global Travel, The Netherlands, and many others), BYTSKO has gained a reputation of a highly professional and reliable agency which provides top-class services.

BYTSKO travel geography includes all the cities of Ukraine. BYTSKO resources make it possible to organize and coordinate exhibitions, receptions, seminars, and conferences for as many as three thousand participants at a time. Whatever may be the purpose of foreigners visits to Ukraine, be it business, tourism or family matters, BYTSKO provides services of interpreters and translators who are fluent in many languages of the world.

If the purpose of your visit is to attend a scientific or any other conference, BYTSKO will offer a cultural and entertainment programme to make your free time a pleasurable experience. Guided sight-seeing tours will help you to see more and learn more about Ukraine.

BYTSKO offers tailored tours to suit individual tastes and meet individual requests and requirements. You are welcome to suggest tourist routes and schedules of your own choice. If you are on a visit to the city of Kyiv, you will be offered a tour to Lviv, an ancient city in Western Ukraine; to the southern coast of the Crimea to sunbathe, take swims in the sea and to see the stunning sights, or to go the Carpathian mountains to enjoy breath-taking panoramas from the mountain tops.

If you are planning a trip to the Holy Places in Jerusalem, or to Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, or to any other place you can think of on the globe, BYTSKO, in cooperation with its many partners  Travalco, USA ZIN Tours, Israel; Travel Fasigest, Amanda, Gartour, Italcamel, Italy; Discover France, MSF, ETIN, France; All European Travel, HELLO England, Great Britain; Mondial, Alda, Vienna Travel Club, Austria; Incotrade, Intracom, Open Up, Switzerland  will make sure you get to the places of your choice.

BYTSKO regularly takes part in such major tourist exhibitions as the Annual Congress ASTA, WTM International Tourist Fair in London, in tourist exhibitions in Moscow and Kyiv, in EIBTM exhibitions in Geneva, Pow Wow in Los Angeles, and in special ATS tourist seminars.

BYTSKO provides any means of transportation on demand, and if need be, organizes charter flights; the company guarantees the confidentiality of the prices and a twenty-four contact with its customers.


BYTSKO is the travel company to use the services of when you want to explore the world and Ukraine.



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Kyiv, 03087, Ukraine

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