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Leader of electrical welding in Ukraine Ч Kakhovka Plant of electric welding equipment



The Kakhovka Plant of Electric Welding Equipment (KPEWE) is a world leader in making stationary, mobile machines for flash-butt pipe-welding machines and welding plants of a new generation. KPEWE celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2004.


The plant was founded back in 1929, at the time when the Soviet Union was being industrialized and new machine building plants were being built. Originally, the plant had little to do with welding Ч for a decade, practically up to the war that broke out in 1941, the plant was making all kinds of agricultural machinery and spare parts for tractors. After the post-war reconstruction, the plant began producing all kinds of hardware for the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Station which was built in the early 1950s. In 1959, the Kakhovka plant made its first welding machine. It turned out to be exactly what was needed to get the plant going. The plant also began making various kinds of machines for welding railroad rails, both mobile and stationary, fully automatic and semiautomatic, flash-butt pipe-welding machines, fittings and parts for machine building. 60 percent of the welding machines and equipment used in construction of the Urengoy Ц Pomara Ц Uzhgorod gas pipeline were made at the KPEWE, and that pipeline was one of the major construction projects in the Soviet Union.

Among the new generation of machines for flash-butt welding of rails produced at KPEWE are K900, K920, K1000, K924, which are even better than similar machines made abroad. Among other sophisticated machines are arc welders, semi-automatic welders, four post welding plants, and welding rectifiers. Approximately 60 kinds of machines and equipment are exported to 76 countries of the world Ч the USA, Austria, Canada, China, India and South Korea among them. KPEWE was the first to equip welding machines with operation and control systems based on microprocessors. K924 is a unique machine which is used for flash-butt welding with impulse flashing of rail ends to the railway cross-piecesТ joints made of high-manganese steel to rail ends made of high-resistance steel, and also for welding of rails with a profile height from 140 mm up to 195 mm.

KPEWE uses the state-of-the-art engineering and sophisticated technology to produce high-tech equipment. KPEWE maintains close cooperation with its customers.

Thanks to close cooperation with E. Paton Electric Welding Institute, KPEWE became one of the best welding plants in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Its products are well known in many countries of Europe.



Reliability, high operating characteristics,

multipurpose functions and easy operation

of KPEWE OJSC welding equipment

is a guarantee of your success.


Kakhovka Plant of Electric Welding Equipment, with more than a half century

of experience of producing welding machinery and possessing high-quality expertise,

offers a wide variety of welding machines and equipment:

     Х welding transformers and welding rectifiers;

     Х welding generators and plants ;

     Х semi-automatic arc welders;

     Х automatic electroslag welders;

     Х machines for spot, seam and contact welding;

     Х suspended pincers for contact spot welding;

     Х machines for contact spot welding of rails and pipes.





Kakhovka Plant of Electric Welding Equipment OJSC

109, Pushkin Str., 74800 Kakhovka, Kherson region, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 (5536) 33 260, 46 336

Fax: + 380 (5536) 41 041, 42 590



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