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Top-Line construction company on the Ukrainian market


Vyacheslav Tulin, head of the Top-Line construction company, was born in the village of Pukhivka, in the Land of Kyivshchyna.

In 1992, he enrolled at the Kyiv Institute of Construction and Architecture. The choice of the career was to a large extent influenced by his uncle, a construction worker.

Mr Tulin worked for some time at the Ye. Paton Institute of Welding, and later at a private construction company.

In 2002, he started his own business. His company, Top-Line, proved to be a successful venture. Top-Line took part in the reconstruction of architectural landmarks in the central part of Kyiv.

Mr Tulin visits his native village once in a while and makes donations to the school he had studied at. New desks and technical equipment have been appreciated both by the pupils and teachers.

In addition to being a successful businessman, Mr Tulin is an enthusiast of Ukrainian traditional culture the love for which he passes on to his two-year old son.

Mr Tulin was interviewed by Marysya Horobets, a WU correspondent.


MrTulin, as far as I know you recently attended the Ukraine-US Business Networking Series: Forum II that was organized by the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America and by the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations. Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve at the Forum? And also  could you say a few words about your company?

The Forum was held in New York, USA on March 29 through March 31 2005. My main aim there was to get investments for my company. I hope that what I told the Forum about my company was interesting enough to attract investments. I expect positive results in the near future.

My company Top-Line has been working on the construction market of Ukraine for four years. We do more than just build housing  we develop new concepts for reconstruction of Kyiv and other big cities of Ukraine. We are working out projects for health-improvement complexes that meet European standards in the resort areas of the Crimea and in Western Ukraine. Our projects are economically viable both for the investors and for the regions where these complexes are created.

Your company works in several directions. Which of them did you describe in a particular detail at the Forum?

As is well known, investors want to get back the money they invest as soon as possible, and the construction of mansards and garrets is a booming business now in Kyiv. Top-Line is actively involved in this kind of work, and I described in detail the profits that may be derived from it.

New construction in the central parts of our cities faces an increasing lack of space. We offer a totally new concept  reconstruction not of separate buildings but of the whole blocks. Such an approach will allow to preserve the general architectural style of a given area. We are working out such reconstruction projects not only for the capital  we have been doing it for the city of Rivne too, and working in cooperation with Rivnes authorities, we have already begun to carry out our plans.

Whats so special about mansards and garrets? Why do people want them?

Adding an attic to a building is easier than building a new house, and the new space can be used both for apartments and offices. It means that without obtaining new sites for housing construction in the central parts of the city we nevertheless create a lot of new floor space. And, of course, it attracts many customers because they can get apartments or offices in the prestigious sections of the cities. And in most cases we get a lot of floor space which makes it possible to carry out all kinds of daring architectural projects. Blocks of flats built in the 1950s and 1960s provide a lot of opportunities. The old buildings acquire new facades; in some of the buildings which did not have lifts, lifts are installed, and the building itself gets upgraded. Mansard construction is profitable both for the investors and for the companies that carry out such construction.

But does it not mean that you perform a sort of plastic surgery, changing the appearance of the old parts of town?

Yes, we definitely prettify the city. I am proud we are involved in the renovation and in making the capital look better. Besides, we have reconstructed several architectural landmarks right in the centre of Kyiv  for example at 6 Bilokur Street and at 8 Pankivska Street. Currently, we are building a mansard at 19/7 Lypska Street. We have found a totally new approach to building mansards which does not contradict the current laws.

What else does your company do?

Ukraine has an excellent tourist potential and every new hotel built is a step towards becoming more attractive for foreign tourists. One of our priorities is construction of hotel complexes in the Crimea and in western Ukraine. We have developed three investment projects which are practically ready to be carried out. One of these projects is construction of a hotel-health improvement complex in the village of Skhidnytsya, which is situated close to the resort town of Truskavets, a popular spa. The mineral waters of Skhidnytsya are considered to be the best in Ukraine as far as their medicinal properties are concerned. It will take one or two million dollars of investments to build the complex, and the money will be paid back in two to three years at most.

Top-Line also builds trade and entertainment centres which are constructed in a short time with the use of prefab materials. Top-Line has a big experience in making metal-reinforced construction blocks. We have reconstructed the facades of the buildings in Kyiv that house such well-known supermarkets as Silpo, Furshet and Eko.

We are about to sign an agreement with the British company Mace which will invest in the construction of a trade and entertainment complex in the city of Poltava.

What do you do to remain competitive at todays saturated construction market in Ukraine?

We keep introducing improvements and expand our potential. We are making roofing materials and we can make roofing of any degree of complexity, using the most advanced technologies and materials. We actively seek new commissions and look for investors. We have a good material and technical foundation and well-trained workers and engineers. All of these things help us to stay competitive.




Building company TOP-LINE

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