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Rooms Where Wishes Come True


The Sauna Club 5 KOMNAT (5 Rooms) not only provides confidentiality and excellent relaxation Ч it meets customersТ wishes.


If you wish to find yourself transported into the Oriental atmosphere, you are welcome to Room 5, Marocana Ч the heady scents of a Finnish bath, an invigorating Jacuzzi, a shower with Уa cold wind,Ф soft divans with even softer cushions, a cozy lounge will make your time in Marocana a highly pleasurable experience. Marocana can comfortably accommodate four people at a time, at the price of 240 hryvnyas an hour.


Room 4, Matrix, boasts mosaics shining like diamonds, multi-coloured fish in an aquarium, a Finish sauna bath, a Jacuzzi, a laver, a shower with hydromassage, and a bathroom; the fish in the aquarium in the lounge add their silent touch to the relaxing atmosphere. Matrix is spacious enough for six people at a time, and you can have it for 280 hryvnyas an hour.


The interior design of Room 3, Kitch, will be appreciated by those who like modern art. Kitch has much more than sophisticated design Ч depending on your mood or whim you can enjoy either a Finnish bath or a Turkish bath; you can play billiards if you so desire, you can relax on bright-red, comfy sofas snugly arranged, or in two lounges; you are welcome to take a swim in a swimming pool lit from inside, or have a dip in a laver with ice-cold water; a cozy SPA for four, a shower with hydromasage, and a bathroom are all at your disposal. Kitch has more than enough room for ten people at a time to rest quite comfortably in, and an hour of staying in Kitch costs 520 hryvnyas.


Room 2, Japan, with its stylish interior and stylized reeds on the wall, will take you to the land of the Rising Sun Ч a Finnish bath with the scent of aromatic herbs, a cold-water laver, a 40-degree Celsius hot-water furo laver, a shower and bathroom, snow-white sofas on a raft-like support made of African oak at the edge of a golden-fish-shaped swimming pool are an excellent set for a full relaxation. After playing a game or two of pool on a billiard table, you can retire to a lounge to meditate and relax. Eight people are welcome at a time for 460 hryvnyas an hour.


They say that all the roads lead to Rome Ч and our Room 1, Rome, is just the place where your roads may take you to. Columns and frescoes will make you feel you are an ancient Roman in a Roman bath. A Finnish and a Turkish bath, a billiard table, two lounges each with its own bathroom, a laver, SPA add modern sophisticated modern touches and will help you to return back to the present which you can enjoy together, if you so desire, with nine other people. Each hour of pure joy in Rome will cost you 580 hryvnyas.


Each room is equipped with a TV set and a telephone which you can use to order a massager, a bath assistant or bundled birch twigs with leaves that are used, in accordance with an age-old Slavic tradition, to whip yourself with while you are sweating in a hot bath. All the water in all the baths is ozonized and that means that in addition to enjoying the baths and complete relaxation, you will have a great boost to your health Ч so many good things at one go!


Taking a bath in Sauna Club 5 KOMNAT is a great pastime and most pleasurable experience.












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