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The Crystal Silhouette One-Dress Contest


The International Kryshtalevy syluet (Crystal Silhouette) One-Dress Contest is held in Kyiv twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn. Every contest has a theme. Last spring it was love, and this autumn, with the forthcoming presidential elections on everybodys mind, the contests theme was hope.


The Kryshtalevy syluet One-Dress Contest was organized by the Confederation of Designers and Stylists of Ukraine. The final show was held within the framework of the Kyivsky podium (Kyiv Catwalk) Festival organized by the Tekstyl-kontakt Business Conglomerate at the end of September.

The carefully chosen jury was headed by Alexander Vasilyev, a prominent fashion historian (previously, it was Vyacheslav Zaytsev, a popular couturier, who headed the jury). The shows were held at the International Exhibition Centre. The great size of the place diminished somewhat the usually chamber-like quality of the Kryshtalevy syluet contests and its glamour was not as obvious. The participating fashion designers entered the contest in two nominations  Pret-a-porter de luxe and Fantasy. Both the nominations and the way the shows were conducted remained traditional. The models appeared on the catwalk without the names of the designers whose dresses were being shown  only the names of the dresses were announced.

For the first time in many years the number of dresses shown in each of the two nominations was equal. Previously, it was Pret-a-porter de luxe that dominated the shows. The organizers thought it was a good sign  Fantasy stimulated imagination.

Which dress would be shown after which was determined by drawing lots and by a strange coincidence, all the first ten dresses were of a particularly high design quality which cannot be said of all the other dresses shown.

The Adaptatsiya (Adaptation) dress shown by Volodymyr Podolyan, a fashion designer from Vinnytsya and a disciple of Zaytsev, was of a design that followed all the established canons of fashion designing; its silhouette and classical colour scheme also contributed to its excellence. Credit must be given to the model who managed to show in a dramatic way what the designer wanted the audience to see in 40 seconds.

Violetta Banene from Lithuania wanted to be laconic and her Vichnist (Eternity) demonstrated the purity of the lines and sparing approach, just as she intended.

Olha Lynnyks Deshcho v klitynku (Something Checkered) was the pride of the organizers. Lynnyk, a designer from Kyiv, made a considerable progress in six months that had elapsed since the previous contest and she is definitely becoming one of the leading fashion designers of Kyiv.

Yokut Shmids U misti  vesna (Spring Comes to Town) did make the audience feel there was a momentary change of seasons and instead of autumn it was the spring all over again. The magazine Atelye awarded the designer a special prize (the jury did the same) for this exquisitely refined dress.

Viktor Cherkaskys Syritka (Orphan) was greeted with applause. Cherkaskys usual sense of humour found its reflection in this dress.

Another special prize from the magazine Atelye went to Olena Lifar from the town of Cherkasy for her Solo. Some members of the jury later said that Lifar was a very promising designer and advised to remember her name well.

Petro Soroka used ethnic themes in his Marichka for which he was awarded a bracelet by Mr Mamduh, the PR manager of the Egyptian Hotel Savoy; another prize was the subscription for the Beautytime Magazine.

There was really something delicious in Khrystyna Husynas bright and cheerful Lasy shmatochok (Tasty Morsel). There seemed to be the aroma of vanilla and cinnamon rising in the air when the model appeared on the catwalk.

Tetyana Redkova, a graduate of the Art Institute of Artistic Modelling and Design, who had taken part in the contest before showed a dress which was praised by the organizers who hoped that the next time her work would be awarded with prizes. Tetyana and Volodymyr Stepanenkos hallmark is the elegant footwear which goes well with high-quality and stylish dresses they show at the Kryshtalevy syluet contests.


Grand Prix with the Kryshtalevy syluet Contest statuette went to Serhiy Yermakov, a designer from Kyiv, for his Viktoriya.


Pret-a-porter de luxe nomination:

1st place  Natalya Dmytriyeva for Shalena Koko (Crazy Coco)

2nd place  Iryna Okolyta for Skladchasta deformatsya (Pleated Deformation)

3rd place  Svitlana Sorokina for Polit unochi (Night Flight)


Fantasy nomination:

1st place  Aina Gase for Prykolne kurcha (Cool Chicken)

2nd place  Svitlana Sorokina for Berehynya (Protectress)

3rd place  Olha Slobodyanyuk for Splesky khaosu nichnoho (Splashes of the Nocturnal Chaos)


All the prize-winners were also awarded with vouchers to stay at the Savoy Hotel***** in Egypt.

Hopes of many of the designers came true; others pinned faith on future victories, and may Love come to all of them!


By Oksana Talko

Photos by Heorhy Borysyuk


The Kryshtalevy syluet Contest organizers wish to express their heartfelt gratitude to Mr and Mrs Anatoly and Maryna Kinakh for support; Mrs Hidemi Amae, the wife of the Japanese Ambassador in Ukraine; Mrs Francoise de Suremain, the wife of the French Ambassador in Ukraine; and Mrs Iclal Cankorel, the wife of the Turkish Ambassador in Ukraine, for their special attention to this contest.


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