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Seasons of Fashion in the fall show the fashion of the next summer


The Namysto z dukachamy collection created
by the Kyiv designer Maryna Mulyar was recognized
to be the best among the collections in the New
Names category. The ethnic motifs, constructivism
and harmony shown were very impressive.


Tetyana Ivashchenko (Tekstil-Lux brand)
who appeared at the Seasons of Fashion shows
for the first time, showed her collection Dress
for Success which was filled with a powerful
energy and multi-faceted aesthetics.


Olena Holets (DolceDonna brand)
in her collection Anhlomania turned to English
traditions for inspiration and created elegant
and refined costumes.


The whimsical nature of Hanna Bublyks
collection corresponds well to her own nature.


Yury Varyvodas collection The Rose of the Desert
(from the Stolychny Community Services Centre)
charmed the audience with a refined style.


Roxolana Bohutska from Lviv presented her
collection Hutsul Amazon Women in a glamorous style.


The collection of Tetyana Zemska
and Olena Vorozhbit from Lviv was devoted
to the elegant and convenient style of the 1950s.


The collection from Nota Bene & Karavay
reminds us that in every woman
there lives a little a girl.


Ukrainian macho models showed
the collection From Cuba with Love
presented by Oleksandr Hapchuk
who was as original as ever,
to the accompaniment of Cuban
tunes and the aroma of cigars.


Lyudmyla Kyslenko called her collection Butterfly
and indeed the dresses shown were bright in colour
and as frivolous as butterflies.


The Odyah dlya dushi collection created
by Andre Tan from Kharkiv was presented
in a post-minimalist style, and looking
at the dresses of this collection you
could not help thinking, It takes
so little to make us happy.




When the collection of furs with all
those minks, chinchillas, sables from
the BENLI Salon was being presented
at the Seasons of Fashion show,
the audience seemed to smell
the fragrances of wild forests
emanating from the catwalk.
And many undoubtedly felt a strong
desire to wrap themselves in those
wonderful fur coats. If you pay a visit
to the BENLI Salon, youll find
an amazingly rich selection
of furs on display.


24, Horkoho Str., Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel.: + 380 44 227 7426

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