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Seasons of Fashion in the fall show the fashion of the next summer


Seasons of Fashion shows reflect like a mirror the state of things in Ukrainian fashion. Those who want to look into that mirror can do so twice a year when the shows are held. It will help them to keep abreast of the latest fashions and styles.

At the 15th Ukrainian Seasons of Fashion pret-a-porter shows which were held at the Exhibition Centre in Kyiv October 6 through October 10, 25 collections of dresses created by Ukrainian designers were presented to the discerning public. 11 designers took part in the shows for the first time and some of the debutants, Marina Mulyar in particular, demonstrated maturity of a seasoned fashion designer. The designers with more established reputation displayed more originality in presenting their collections at the shows rather than their vision of the new tendencies in fashion. Oleksandr Hapchuk, Lyudmyla Kyslenko, Roxolana Bohutska and Oksana Karavanska were among those who managed to combine both the originality and trendiness. Those present at the shows were given an excellent opportunity to fully appreciate and remember which colours, cuts, silhouettes and accessories will be fashionable in the spring and summer of 2005. As always, coffee from Nescafe Gold with a new gorgeous aroma and flavour and sweet delight of Shedevr (Masterpiece) candies added the right touch to the shows.

The Seasons of Fashion shows remain to be a constant feature in the world of fashion in Ukraine, and at the closing ceremony they left behind a pleasant “afterimage” which will remind those lucky ones who have seen them that it feels so nice to look stylish, fashionable and well-dressed. But remember to follow an advice expressed in the Ukrainian saying: Do not look into the mirror for too long — even if it’s a mirror of fashion.


More photos

By Marysya Horobets

The photos have been provided by the Seasons
of Fashion Festival Organizing Committee.


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