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UITT2005  bigger than ever


In the tourist business as well as in husbandry, you have to start preparing for the spring already in the fall. With this observation in mind, the organizers of the biggest tourist exhibition in Ukraine, UITT, have already started preparations for holding UITT-2005 in Kyiv March 30 through April 2 2005.


For a decade the UITT exhibitions continue to remain a leader among the tourist exhibitions held in Ukraine. UITT exhibitions set the pace for tour operators and help potential tourists choose the places to go to and itineraries to travel. The Tenth UITT exhibition which was held in the spring of 2004 was the biggest ever mounted in Kyiv (in fact, each successive UITT exhibition is bigger than the previous one). The venue was the International Exhibition Centre and the number of the participating companies was in excess of 750 from 40 countries of the world.

The eleventh UITT is likely to be even bigger than the tenth. The very development of the tourist business in Ukraine gives enough ground for such a prediction. The Ukrainians begin to be able to afford foreign and domestic travels on an increasingly larger scale. The tourist business in Ukraine has been developing in recent years in compliance with the world standards. Following the Law of Ukraine On Tourism adopted by parliament earlier this year, companies involved in the tourist business in Ukraine will be clearly divided into tour agents and tour operators. The infrastructure of tourism is being developed  new hotels are being built, new tourist companies are being formed; an increasing number of foreign tourists show their interest in visiting Ukraine. The Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Kyiv next year will surely contribute to bringing more tourists to Ukraine. UITT exhibitions both show the progress made and encourage the tourist business to develop.

The British ITE Group Plc Company and the Ukrainian Premier Expo Company are the principle organizers of the UITT2005 Exhibition. It should be mentioned here that the ITE Group is considered to be one of the most authoritative companies that organize tourist exhibitions around the world. Thanks to this company, many leading foreign tourist companies come to Kyiv to take part in UITT exhibitions. Besides, the UITT is a member of the European Association of Tourist Exhibitions, of the World Tourist Organization, of the Tourist Association of Central European Countries, of the Asian Pacific Tourist Association, and of the United Federation of Tourist Associations.


UITT in spring

The UITT2005 exhibition proper will be put on in one pavilion and other exhibitions organized within the UITT framework (Hotel & Restaurant Expo Ukraine; Kyiv International Sport Show, and Kyiv International Boat Show) will be mounted in adjacent rooms. The UITT exhibition will be organized in such a way that visitors will be able to easily find sections of tour-operators, of tour agents, of foreign companies and of Ukrainian companies. Ukrainian culture this time will also be well represented with representatives of museums, historical and architectural landmarks, natural preserves, and folk artists taking part. The cultural aspect is not exactly a commercial one, but it creates a colourful image of Ukraine. The hospitality industry of Ukraine will have a good coverage too: the developing resort infrastructure; hotel chains, and investments. Foreign hotels, those targeting wealthy customers in particular, will be represented in a greater number. Some kinds of tourism which were earlier poorly developed in Ukraine, like yachting, will find their place at the exhibition. Boats, motorboats and yachts will be displayed right in the exhibition pavilion.

Workshops and seminars are planned to be held during the exhibition. Companies and organizations that place orders for stands to exhibit their wares also place orders for hiring conference halls so that they will be able to hold workshops, press conferences and seminars either before the exhibitions opening or during the time it will be on. In this manner they will advertise their products, conclude deals and agreements. It will also help the participants to assess the prospects of UITT exhibitions and of the Ukrainian tourist market. Orders for two workshops have already been placed.

Some of the foreign tourist administrations conduct a sort of reconnaissance  they begin their participation in UITT exhibitions by renting small amounts of floor space, and when they see that things are going well, they rent much bigger floor space at the next UITT exhibition. Poland was one of such reconnoitering states and now she plans to rent three times bigger floor space than she did at the UITT previous exhibition. Poland expressed a wish to conduct regular business with Ukraine in the sphere of summer-time tourism.

The more information is exchanged, the more deals and agreements are concluded, the more impressive the displays are, the more successful a UITT exhibition is considered. The spring exhibition will be traditionally called Ukraine  Travel and Tourism. These exhibitions can be compared to the broadcasting of seeds in the spring which will grow and produce a good harvest. UITT exhibitions are not only business  they are colourful festivals of tourism. We are looking forward to the next one!


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