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Yaltas Mayor welcomes investments


Greater Yalta, that, in addition to the city of Yalta proper, includes several little towns on a long stretch of the Crimean southern coast, has seen 12 percent more tourists during this years tourist season than in the previous year. Such an increase was the biggest one in many years. There were two factors that contributed to this growth in the number of tourists  excellent weather (even in early October the temperature of the water was 21 C and there were a lot of people on the beaches sunbathing and taking swims) and considerable improvements in the quality of services in Yalta hotels and in other tourist centres. The number of foreign tourists visiting Yalta has also grown.

The tourist season is over. Its results and prospects for the future are assessed by Serhiy Brayko, Yaltas Mayor.


The seafront promenade in Yalta has gone through a considerable reconstruction  new flower beds, new fountains, new street lamps, new lighting of the trees and buildings. Very impressive.

The reconstruction has been financed from the local budget. The Ros Company that had won the tender for the reconstruction, was the principle contractor. In addition to being good at construction, they own granite quarries, they quarry and dress stone. In fact, this Ros Company is the biggest and best of its kind. By hiring them to do the job we brought down the costs of the reconstruction since the company did both the reconstruction work and provided building materials. As a result, we have the first in Ukraine totally granite quay with the granite being ecologically clean. Under the granite we have laid all the necessary supply lines.

You keep reiterating that Yalta is developing to a large extent thanks to the investments. Who were the biggest investors this year?

We have concluded an agreement with the US government to carry out a feasibility study into building a garbage-processing plant in Gaspra. Both US and Ukrainian experts and technicians were involved in the technical and economic assessment of the project. The assessment cost 300,000 US dollars. The history of the project is the following. It was during the investment exchange held in Turkey that the Americans got interested in our investment projects and we started negotiations. They lasted for about eighteen months. Americans have offered us unique technology which will allow to supply the neighbourhoods in the vicinity of the garbage-processing plant with methane, the gas that can be used for providing peoples homes with heat and hot water. Metane is a by-product of garbage processing. And of course the plant will deal with the garbage that has accumulated for thirty years and which represents a considerable threat to the environment. The plant will cost approximately 25 million dollars to build, and the expenses will be recouped in 5 or 7 years. It is very important for Yalta to have that project carried out not only because of its obvious advantages but also because it will show to the world that western investors can make successful investments into Yaltas economy. And hopefully other western investors will follow suit.

In general, as far as investments are concerned, Yalta is in the lead in the Crimea. The territory of Greater Yalta has been designated as a territory of priority development and it helps us to get investments. Besides, we have a special department in the local executive body which encourages investors to invest by working out attractive investment projects. Some of these projects will contribute to the development of Yaltas infrastructure. It is Ukrainian and Russian capital that provides the lions share of investments. Foreign investments account for only 10 or 15 percent of investments. We are doing our best to attract more foreign investments.

I know that a new mineral-water pump centre was opened in the Primorsky Park.

Thats correct, and it is an event of considerable significance for us. The fact that source of mineral water with curative properties has been discovered means we can develop and open balneal centres in Yalta, which in their turn will attract more tourists. It in turn means that our revenues will grow and consequently the budget will get more funds too. That first pump centre is only the first step in a large-scale programme which is aimed at providing all the Greater Yalta area, all of the households with adequate supply of running water.

Which place in the Crimea do you go to to chill out when you have time for it? And which season of the year do you like best?

When I have some free time  which is not often  I go hiking in the mountains. There is no particular place that I go to. Its so beautiful everywhere in the Crimean mountains. On every hike I discover something new for myself. We  my family and I  make it a point to always go to the country on holidays. I like all the seasons in the Crimea except one period of time in summer, at the peak of the tourists season, when it is too hot and there are too many people everywhere.


Serhiy Brayko was interviewed

by Valeria Bondarenko


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