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A pictorial view of the Month of June


Mykola Vorobyov, a Ukrainian poet of considerable merit, wrote, Summer is like a watermelon  green outside and red inside.

The month of June in Ukraine fits the description perfectly.

The month of June is dark-green and wet  like new carriages of Kyivs commuter trains after the rain.

The month of June is red like strawberries in wicker baskets that babusi  nice, neat, old women from the countryside  bring to town to sell at the open market.

The month of June is permeated with smells of rain, warmth and berries.

The month of June is like youth when so many things in life happen for the first time  the first kiss, the first love; college; the summer vacations; the fragrant green grass to lie on and stare into the sky; the songs of nightingales to listen to in the twilight; skinny-dipping at night in the yet cold water of the river.

It feels so nice to be carrying such June in your heart, to enjoy that special summer feel, to be basking in the warm sunshine, and to know that there are still two months of the summer ahead of you.


More photos

Photos by Myroslava Barchuk, Andriy Cherchenko,

Ivan Yasny, Roman Shyshak, Romko Malko, Oleksandr Horobets


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