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Investment opportunities of Greater Yalta


In Greater Yalta you find the warm sea, sixty miles of clean beaches, sub-tropical climate, scenic mountains with even more scenic waterfalls and mysterious caves, the salubrious air of the mountains mixed with the sea breeze.

In addition to all that, Greater Yalta offers great possibilities of investing into the resort infrastructure. Greater Yalta has begun to be referred to by investors as "investments' Klondike" ? prices for housing go up in Yalta one and a half times annually. Investors have certain privileges even now, and though investments do not bring "quick money" (recoupment of capital investments into construction projects in Yalta is on average between 5 to 10 years), those who have already made investments continue to invest. They know their investments will be recouped. The Crimea, with its unique potential, is "doomed to prosperity." Both Ukrainian and foreign investors have come to this realization.

Of course, Yalta can absorb only a certain amount of investments but the limit has not been exhausted yet. There are still a lot of opportunities for excellent investments. Do no tarry, ladies and gentlemen, join the investment rush!


Investment projects that have already been carried out:


1. Oreanda Hotel

2. Pribrezhny Rest Home

3. Vremena Goda Rest Home

4. Marat Sanatorium

5. Bristol Hotel

6. Polyana Skazok hotel-camping ground

7. Leto Hotel

8. Levant Hotel

9. Glitsiniya Rest Home


High priority investments projects to be carried out in Greater Yalta in 2004-2005


# Investment project Location
1Reconstruction of the Central Food MarketYalta
2Reconstruction of the Miskkooprynktorh clothes
market with the aim of turning it into a major trade centre
3Construction of a shopping mall with a supermarket
in the territory of the former open-air movie theatre Komsomolets
4Creation of a wholesale vegetable market with a parking lot,
with agricultural products to be sold right from the trucks
5Reconstruction of the movie theatre Saturn with the aim
of turning it into a culture-entertainment-business centre
6Construction of multi-functional office-trade centre
(at the site of an automobiles’ service centre)
7Construction of a recreation complex at the Krasny Kamen siteGurzuf
8Construction of a motel-camping ground with a multi-level parking lotGurzuf
9Construction of a theme park in the vicinity
of the Polyana Skazok Museum
Greater Yalta
10Construction of a recreation-health improvement centreYalta
11Construction of a housing estateYalta
12Construction of high-rise apartmentsYalta
13Construction of high-rise apartmentsYalta
14Construction of a gym-recreation complexYalta
15 Construction of a cable roadPolyana Skazok
Camping Ground,
Greater Yalta
16Construction of an yacht clubYuni Moryaky
Aqua Centre, Yalta



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