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Seasons of Fashion keep the Ukrainian followers of fashion abreast of the latest developments


Marysya Horobets, a regular contributor to the WU fashion column, tells her story of the fourteenth Seasons of Fashion Show held in Kyiv in March this year.


Seasons of Fashion come as no surprise for the followers of fashion in Kyiv  they are looking forward to each next show. These pret-a-porter shows are eagerly awaited both by the fashionable public and by the designers who show their new collections  and always have surprises up their sleeves.


Seasons of Fashion give designers ample opportunities to indulge their fantasies, to exercise their imagination and attain the triumph of colour, line and form. Designers impress the public and the public inspires designers to new daring creations. This interactive feedback opens new trends, produces new, original ideas and creates new fashionable collections.

The fourteenth Seasons of Fashion Show was held at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv March 19 through March 22 2004. This show continued traditions of the Ukrainian fashion design within the European context.

19 SpringWinter 20042005 pret-a-porter collections were shown, and the way they were presented to the public was stirringly impressive and exciting. Designers were like theatre directors directing their individual shows.

Oleksiy Zalevsky, as always, was the star of the show, with much of the bared flesh in evidence. The dressed models appeared on the catwalk pushing gurneys, operating tables, shopping trolleys with their show mates almost in the nude, stretched on these and other similar vehicles. By contrast, Khrystyna Husina provided her models with enough clothing, plus had their faces very heavily made up. The models were accompanied by cute lion and tiger cubs. Viktoria Krasnova transformed her models into fairies from a popular fairy tale. Iryna Karavay involved the public in childhood fantasies with her models appearing on the catwalk as some fantastic creatures or in the guise of caterpillars or lady bugs. Lyudmyla Kyslenkos collection had some philosophical overtones to it. Looking at the models I could not help thinking, for some reason, of Kants ideas of esthetics and of his moral imperatives. Serhiy Byzov, one of the leading figures in the world of Ukrainian fashion, who had not appeared with his collections at the Seasons of Fashion Shows for some time, presented his new work at the spring show. His reappearance was a pleasant surprise for the public. Another pleasant surprise was a collection presented by Olga Ellion, who, though Ukrainian by descent, now lives in Great Britain.

The last day of the shows was the most exciting. Oleksandr Hapchuk was the first to show his collection and it set the tenor of the day. For a desert, the public was treated to three collections created by New Names  designers who only begin their fashion careers. Each collection left a distinctive aftertaste. The young designer Andre Tans collection Pohlyad izzovni (A Look from the Outside) proved to be the most delicious. The collection put me in a philosophical mood by the pure white of the dresses, by the fragrance of incense which emanated from the tips of the shoes, by the meditative poses of children who sat all along the catwalk, and by the all-seeing eyes on the dresses.

For the first time the public had a chance of not only watching the show but of assessing the New Names collections jointly with the qualified jury. Among the judges was David Foley, a lecturer at the Media and Business School in Oxford, who delivers a Fashion Diploma course; Mr Fowly is also a member of the International Colour Authority. Another distinguished member of the jury was Grant Phillips, marketing director of the Nestle Ukraine Company. Andre Tan, a designer from Kharkiv, was found to be the best and he received a prize  a grant from Nescafe Gold, to a thunderous applause. The grant will enable Tan to study at the Saint Martin College of London Institute, and we hope that for the next Seasons of Fashion Show he will have some nice surprises for us.


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