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The eighth stage of the All-Ukraine Programme Lyudyna Roku (Person of the Year) ended with a festive award-presentation ceremony held at the Ukrayina Concert Hall. It proved to be an event that highlighted Ukraines new hopes and achievements.

Millions of people who watched the ceremony on television must have had an emotional uplift together with the participants of the ceremony who represent Ukraines elite in many spheres of life.

This years unofficial logo was an octahedron crystal, which symbolizes not only the secret formula of success but also the cardinal number 8, and the special light effects involving the octahedron that highlighted the ceremony both metaphorically and literally were duly appreciated. The decorative elements included the Renaissance themes and were used to emphasize Ukraines course towards integration into Europe and serve as an allusion to the revival of the economy and upturn in its development.

The statuette Prometey-Prestyzh that represents the ancient Greek God Prometheus, which was to be awarded to the laureates, has been considerably reworked since the previous presentation ceremony. The winged figure has acquired additional dynamism and expressiveness which reflects well the significance of the award and of the celebratory nature of the solemn final of The Person of the Year 2003 awards presentation ceremony.


Among the awardees of The Lyudyna Roku-2003 Contest were:


Anatoly Zasukha,

head of Kyiv Oblast State Administration in nomination The Regional Leader of the Year;


Oleksandr Lukyanchenko,

Donetsk Mayor, in nomination The Mayor of the Year;


Anatoly Sokurenko,

director general of the Kryvorizhstal plant, in nomination The Industrialist of the Year;


Borys Kaufman,

president of the Concern Overline, in nomination The Businessman of the Year;


Borys Lozhkin,

president of the Ukrayinsky Mediaholding Company, in nomination The Manager of the Year;


Oleksandr Dubilet,

head of the Board of Directors of the PrivatBank, in nomination The Financier of the Year;


Viktor Siletsky,

director of the agro-company Bilozersky, in nomination The Agrarian of the Year;


Orest Sokhar,

deputy editor in chief of the PiK Magazine, in nomination The Journalist of the Year (print editions);


Vasyl Klymchuk,

head of a department of the Radio and Television Company Era, in nomination The Journalist of the Year (electronic editions);


Myroslav Popovych,

Academician, head of the Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, in nomination The Scholar of the Year;


Myroslav Skoryk,

in nomination The Artist of the Year;


Anatoly Khostikoyev,

in nomination The Actor of the Year;


Yana Klochkova,

in nomination The Athlete of the Year.


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