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Wooden churches Ч marvels of folk architecture


Churches from the nothern Carpathian Land
of Boykivshchyna are architecturally unique
not only in Ukraine but in the whole world.


Mykolayivska Church in Chernivtsi, built in 1607,
the Land of Bukovyna, belongs to what is called
Уa peasant-houseФ type.


A modern, recently built church in Vytachiv,
the Land of Serednya Naddnipryanshchyna.
All the architectural canons for such type
of churches have been carefully preserved
during the construction.


The Hutsul churches in the Carpathian region
are situated high in the mountains Ч there are
no other churches to be found at such altitudes
anywhere else in the world. They withstand winter
temperatures of minus thirty below zero
and hurricane winds.


Pokrovska Church built in 1792
from the TransCarpathian region
(now in the open-air Museum of Folk
Architecture) is one of the best examples
of the Lemkiv school of architecture.





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