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Seasons of Fashion Shows  13 is not necessarily an unlucky number


It turned out to be not a nightmare at all but a wonderful reality, an event that all those who are not indifferent to the state of things in the world of Ukrainian fashion and who want to see it flourishing, were looking forward to. These people braved the elements in October, ignoring the untimely blizzard and the unlucky number 13, and went to the International Exhibition Centre located in a section of Kyiv on the left bank of the Dnipro River.


The Seasons of Fashion began to be held in a small art gallery called Lavra. A lot of things have changed since then  the quality and quantity of designers collections presented at the shows (last October at the thirteen Season of Fashion Show there were twenty of them); popularity of designers, and the audiences knowledge and understanding. Everything has evolved, everything has moved thirteen steps forward, and everything has come closer to the world standards. These standards in the world of fashion and beauty have a special power. Fashion does not adjust itself to the seasons of the year, but as clockwork mechanism keeps ticking, moving forward and never stopping.

The October show was no exception in this process  in spite of the snow that had covered the capital with a white blanket, the models nonchalantly walked up and down the 32-meter long catwalk barefoot, as though treading on the green grass, when they presented the collection of Liliya Pustovit. When Viktoriya Krasnovas collection was shown, the models walked on the embroidered rushnyky (decorative towels); and when the Stolychny Budynok Pobutus collection was presented, the models walked in the Bulgakov-type setting. The tendency to show fashion collections with models appearing on the catwalk barefoot is not only fashionable but is good for health  it provides a sort of shiatsu massage. Besides, this tendency visually reminded us that the thirteenth pret-a-porter week prognosticated the fashion for the spring and summer of 2004. And why not to stock the trendy ideas or even things ahead of time? As they say, in winter, get your wagon ready for the summer Some people even hurry towards the summer  they travel to the warmer lands where there is no such thing as a severe winter.

The Thirteenth Week of Fashion also engaged in travelling  Liliya Pustovit travelled to the four-thousand-year old Trypillya culture for inspiration; Oleksandr Hapchuk went to the Middle Ages; Tetyana Zemskova and Olena Vorozhbyt to the outer space; Diana Dorozhkina to the ocean deaths for the shell Chaliotis; Khrystyna Husina used Indian motifs, Viktor Anisimov introduced Japanese motifs, and VD One was inspired by the Greek Olympic fire.

The audiences among who were honorary guests, were gently moved by the waves of the show from one collection to another, fortifying themselves with strong Nescafe Gold coffee, whose aroma and flavour have become an inalienable feature of the Seasons of Fashion shows. The Samsung Electronix Company which was the partner of the show for the second time, provided the technical assistance and kept everything in order by putting good-looking girls on guard with cute orange-coloured Samsung Perfectum vacuum cleaners at their side.

In short, the 13th Season of Fashion Festival was particularly clean, warm, cheerful and homely. The days of the festival flashed by as a fantastic dream, from which one was so reluctant to emerge.


More photos

By Marysya Horobets

The photographs have been provided by the Seasons

of Fashion Festival Organizing Committee.


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