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Day of Tourism in Ukraine


The Day of Tourism is marked all over the globe on September 27, and it was marked in Ukraine as well. This year, Francesco Frangialli, Secretary General of the World Tourist Organization, paid a visit to Ukraine, his third but first on the Day of Tourism.


The Number One Tourist in the world visited Kyiv, where he addressed an audience at the National Philharmonic Society, Chernivtsi in the land of Bukovyna, and the town of Yaremcha in the land of Ivano-Frankivshchyna where he took part in a seminar Countryside Tourism  Recommendations of Development. The seminar, organized by the World Tourist Organization and the State Tourist Administration of Ukraine, was attended by participants from more than 20 European countries. Green tourism representatives from practically all the Oblasts of Ukraine took part in the seminar.

It was not for nothing that Yaremcha was chosen as the venue for the seminar dealing with rural tourism  the Carpathian region has a lot to offer to tourists and rural tourism there has been promoted for many years now. Participants of the seminar were taken to see some of the most popular green tourism sights.

Mr Frangialli witnessed a traditional Hutsul wedding and to his great but pleasant surprise he was dubbed Hutsul. In celebrating this occasion, Mr Frangialli learnt a trick of drinking vodka in a gulp and even joined the Hutsuls in a dance. He confirmed a widely held opinion that the Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in the world.

I never thought that Ukraine has such colourful and original ceremonies. Ive seen the scenic nature in Ukraine, Ive seen hospitable and friendly people here, but every time I come to Ukraine I discover something new, said Mr Frangialli.

The official events and shows marking the Day of Tourism were held in Lviv on September 27. Celebrations continued late into the night.

On the last day of his visit, Mr Frangialli visited the Pechersk Lavra, a thousand year-old monastery in Kyiv, and the Museum of Water.

Mr Frangialli is of the opinion that a dynamic development of the tourist business in Ukraine should be expected in the nearest future. He was prompted to say this by the fact that the share of the European countries in the world tourist market was 60 percent. Talking to journalists, Mr Frangialli said that in order to facilitate further progress a general plan of tourist development should be worked out in Ukraine. According to him, he discussed this issue with Ukrainian premier Viktor Yanukovych.

Speaking about the latest trends in the development of world tourism, Mr Frangialli said that the tourist business showed itself to be a flexible system which had to adapt itself to the new conditions which emerged after the tragic events of September 11 2003, other terrorist acts that followed, war in Iraq, SARS epidemic and other negative factors, in spite of which the number of tourists around the world grew by 3 percent last year.

Mr Frangialli also said that tourism in South East Asia and the Pacific region that had been worst hit by the SARS epidemic began to revive, and Beijing was chosen as the venue of the next meeting of the World Tourist Organization Assembly. It would, in his words, emphasize the importance of tourism in Asian countries whose growth had been the highest in the world since 1995.

Ukraine became a full member of the World Tourist Organization (WTO) in October 1997. The World Tourist Organization is a leading body of its kind in tourism and travel, and promotes tourism, works out tourism policies and implements these policies. The World Tourist Organization functions within the framework of the United Nations Organization. In September 1999, at the 13th session of the WTO General Assembly which was held in Santiago, Chile, Ukraine was elected to the WTO Executive Council membership which is the central managing body of the World Tourist Organization, an influential international organization.


Photos by Yevhen Tymchenko

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