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Kyiv Sport Club marks its fifth anniversary with fitness and a party


Kiev Sport Club is five years old this year, and its fifth anniversary was celebrated in a joyous, noisy and grand manner.


They say that birthdays should be marked with much fanfare only if there is actually enough achievement to be proud of. The Kiev Sport Club  KSC  does have a lot to be proud of as far as its achievements are concerned.

Its patrons know that the KSC is always on the lookout for new ideas and never slackens in implementing them. The KSC keeps abreast of all the latest trends in fitness. The KSC employs trainers and coaches of top qualification who know whats what in physical training and who know all the most recent facts about the business they are in. The KSC is an ideal place to come to if you just want to chill out, relax, have a good time, to get away from it all.

The ancients knew the value of being physically fit and they coined a saying: Healthy body provides for a healthy spirit.

The KSC fifth anniversary was celebrated at the Mambo Restaurant & Club which happens to be located literally next door to the KSC  they share the same building.

The invitees did not turn up at the club all of them at one and at the same time  one had an impression that they came as they finished their workouts at the KSC which did not shut down on the occasion of the celebration but stayed open until almost the usual time. Thus the KSC proved that it practises what it preaches  the customers are the absolutely top priority.

Most of the celebrants and guests looked very smart and sporty and in excellent physical condition. The evening was cool but both men and women wore light clothes, with a lot of flesh visible. The atmosphere right from the start was highly cheerful, genial and convivial, without any traces of pomposity or ostentation. The celebratory crowd though large looked like a happy family rather than a gathering of disparate individuals.

The party took off with a quiz that caused much merriment. Yury Horbunov, a popular TV presenter, was invited to conduct it and among the questions he asked were: How many cars can be parked in front of the KSC? How many lockers are there in mens locker room? How many lockers are there in womens locker room? It was only women who were allowed to answer the question about the mens locker room, and vice versa. All the right answers were awarded with prizes. Horbunov proved to be up to the mark in conducting the quiz in such a way that practically all the most active guests got their prizes.

After the quiz, the show began that held the spectators spellbound. Vitaly Vyhnan, Ihor Karpin and Oleksandr Nikolayev, all of them training equipment instructors, demonstrated the unlimited possibilities of human bodies in a mock contest. Oleksiy Nechayev, a martial arts instructor, showed that one can be invincible even when attacked by several adversaries at the same time. It was exciting to see that such stunts could be performed live, not only in a Bruce Lee film.

Yevhen Zhuravlev, a body builder, demonstrated that we could shape our bodies the way we wanted it. Andriy Sydersky, an expert in yoga practice, tested the limits of human physical resilience and flexibility. The spectators were awed by what he showed the human body was capable of.

Yuliya Frolova, a dance aerobics instructor, charmed the guests with her elegant and virtuoso performance. Her belly dance entranced the male part of the audience and the women could not help joining in the dance.

The central lot at the auction that followed was a dumbbell, one of the sports apparatus that the KSC used when it was just opened. Instead of the price in money, the bidders called out the amount of Cognac Courvoisier they could swallow down in one gulp, and then making an attempt to prove it could be done. It was a hot contest with the winner claiming he could down 210 grams of cognac at a time  and doing it. He promised to auction the dumbbell at the KSC tenth-anniversary celebrations. The lottery crowned the party with all the participants wining prizes. The top prize was the five-year subscription to the KSC services.

The guests were also treated to a magnificent huge cake, a performance by the popular rock group Okean Elzy, and those inclined to dance danced their socks off. Everybody was of the opinion at the end of the party that it had been a great fun, a thing to remember.

The best way to check whether the KSC is really such a hot place, even on a cold night, come and have a look for yourself. Theres a very good chance youll want to join.


By Svitlana Abakumenko

Photos have been provided by Kiev Sport Club



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