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Ten Years of UITT Exhibitions


There are private and corporate jubilees, and the UITTs tenth anniversary is a corporate jubilee on a grand scale  the whole tourist business of Ukraine will mark it. UITT (Ukraine International Travel & Tourism) exhibitions not only were formed alongside the development of the tourist business in Ukraine, but also contributed to forming it. The UITT history is the history of the Ukrainian tourist business.

The Premier Expo Company which organizes UITT exhibitions will be number one celebrant with all those who work in the tourist business of Ukraine joining in the 10th-anniversary celebrations.


UITTis one of the first tourist exhibitions in Ukraine that not only reflected the state of things in the tourist business of Ukraine but was one step ahead of it, giving it an impulse for development. It was the first UITT exhibition ten years ago that brought to the Ukrainian market true professionals, from whom the Ukrainian tourist companies began to learn the business of tourism. One is pleased now to hear from foreign tourist operators that tourism in Ukraine has become a fully formed, civilized sphere of business with clearly defined rules of the game, with a clear-cut structure, with its leaders and with a considerable contribution made to Ukraines economy. The development of the tourist business in Ukraine proceeded from bottom to top, practically without any financial support given by the state. Such exhibitions as those organized by UITT kept the efforts of tourist business enthusiasts focused on the most important issues.

There are all kinds of tourist exhibitions organized in Ukraine  exhibitions at the all-Ukrainian level and at the regional level, but UITT exhibitions remain to be the biggest and most authoritative. The time when they are held  in April, before the tourist season starts, has also been propitious for making them most effective and prestigious. Additional factors of success were: well-placed advertisement, concentrated efforts of the founders and organizers and their great experience in organizing international tourist fairs, plus wide and strong connections with the leading tourist companies of the world and with state-run tourist administrations of different countries. It has become traditional for big colourful national stands which represent companies that are interested in developing tourist links with Ukraine, to occupy over half of the floor space of UITT exhibition halls.

The fact that for two years running the State Tourist Administration of Ukraine has been providing its official support for UITT exhibitions and has contributed its own sections of considerable size to the UITT exhibitions may be regarded as a recognition of the high level of UITT exhibitions. Besides, beginning from the year 2003, UITT exhibitions have been held with the support provided by Kyivs Mayor, and thanks to it, the UITT 2004 Exhibition will show Kyivs tourist potential on a larger scale.

International conferences, business seminars and presentations, held within the framework of UITT exhibitions, have become traditional. At the UITT 2003 Exhibition both conferences halls were in constant use, with hardly any seats left unoccupied. The Viter Mandriv (Wind of Travel) Tourist Film Festival has also become traditional at UITT exhibitions, with the best films being awarded prizes.

ITE and Premier Expo experts consider UITT exhibitions to be among their most promising projects, particularly in view of the great tourist resources of Ukraine and the dynamic development of the tourist business.

UITT Exhibitions are organized by the ITE Travel Company and the Premier Expo Company which are part of the British International Trade & Exhibitions Group Plc, with the headquarters in London. ITE is a widely recognized leader in the exhibition business. Annually, ITE organizes 250 exhibitions and fairs in 20 countries of the world including Moscows MITT, which is one of the five biggest tourist exhibitions in the world. ITE is a leader in the exhibition business in Ukraine as well. For its impeccable reputation and high level of services provided, ITE has been awarded the Gold Medal of the Ukrainian National Contest Vyshcha proba (Hallmark of the Highest Order), and it has also won many other prizes.

UITT exhibitions have been growing bigger with every passing year  the number of Ukrainians who can afford to go abroad as tourists keeps growing and consequently the number of tourist companies which offer and organize such tours also grows which, in its turn, leads to an increase in the number of foreign tourist partners. The number of Ukrainian participants of UITT exhibitions is growing from year to year, and their stands at the exhibitions increase in size and in attractiveness. All the Ukrainian companies represented at the UITT exhibitions are properly licensed, they are reliable and trustworthy, and the customers can be sure that they will get what they pay for.

The organizers of UITT exhibitions say that the thematical spectrum at UITT exhibitions will continue to be widened, with Ukrainian tourist companies offering new tourist possibilities, including rest at Ukrainian resorts, new excursions, and countryside tourism. The growth of domestic aviation transportation is another factor that gives one hope that the tourist business is on the rise.

Last year, the UITT offices moved to new much more spacious premises at the newly opened Ekspotsentr on the Left Bank of Kyiv, the previous offices at the Palace of Sports having become too small for the UITT growing business activity. The number of participants at the tenth UITT exhibition to be held in 2004 will increase by at least 10 percent and the geographical tourist area that the participants will represent will be bigger at least by twenty percent. UITT exhibitions will continue to expand. In 2004, at the time of the UITT exhibition, several more exhibitions will be held concurrently  Equip Hotel Ukraine, Kyiv International Sport Show and International Boat Show. Such concurrence will make it possible for experts to visit all four more or less thematically related exhibitions held under the same roof without having to spend any extra time on moving from place to place.

The tenth anniversary of UITT exhibitions will, of course, be marked with official ceremonies, parties, shows and awards.

We are sincerely grateful to our friends and partners for their support that they have been giving us for many years. Welcome to the Ukraine International Travel & Tourism-2004 Exhibition! Itll be a veritable festival of tourism.


Oleksandr Perov,

Premier Expo Director,

Representative of the ITE Group Plc in Ukraine


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