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From Igor Haidays series of photographs Ukrainians at the Beginning of the 21st Century


In this issue, we continue publishing Igor Haiday's photographs from the series "Ukrainians at the Beginning of the 21st Century."

Igor Haiday who has been working as a professional photographer for twenty five years now, is considered to be one of the most noticeable figures in artistic photography in today's Ukraine.

According to Mr Haiday, this series does not pretend to be "the portrait of the nation" it is rather a study, an artist's view.



"I did not pursue the line of "photogenic attractive faces." The faces of good-looking models would not give you an idea of what the Ukrainian nation is really like. That's why I kept looking for expressive faces.



My second step was the search for distinctive personalities. Consequently, I began taking pictures of the famous people, cultural and political figures, and so on. Their portraits make up about a half of all the photographs in this album."

We hope some of these photographs will be edifying glimpses into the life of today's Ukrainians the moments captured and frozen for us to take a better look at.


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