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During the morning rush hour, in the bus I take to commute to work, I pass by the Kiev Sport Club. I catch glimpses of cheerful, athletic people dancing or training in the workout halls. They stand in sharp contrast to the sleepy and gloomy commuters crowded in the bus. One day I made it a point to go to this Sport Club and take a closer look. Workout and aerobics halls, a swimming pool, a sauna bath, a solarium, plus a lot more I discovered all by myself. To get a more comprehensive picture, I talked to Ms Iryna Musaelyan, the Clubs director, who kindly agreed to answer my questions.


Are there any other clubs like yours in Kyiv?

There are many fitness clubs but ours was the first one of its kind in Ukraine. This September will mark five years since we opened. Weve managed to create a very warm and friendly atmosphere at the Club, and we never stop being pioneers in introducing new directions in fitness training.

Anything new this year?

Earlier in the year we invited Brian Kest, a yoga practitioner from Los Angeles, USA, to come to Kyiv and conduct a couple of yoga classes at our Club. He spent two days in Kyiv and conducted two exclusive classes for the Kiev Sport Club members and two classes at the National University of Physical Training and Sports of Ukraine for all those who wanted to attend them. We wanted Mr Kest to feel at home and we created conditions for him similar to those he has in conducting his classes in Los Angeles. We did not charge the fixed price for admittance and everybody paid what they thought was fair by putting their money into the box with a slot that we placed at the entrance.

Mr Kest showed his interpretation of Power Yoga and his system of teaching. He was a great hit with our members who thoroughly enjoyed what they saw. It was very interesting both for those who teach yoga, and for those who practise it  or going to start training. Mr Kest, in his turn, liked his visit to Kyiv  both the city and the people he met made a very impression upon him, and he said that if he knew some Ukrainian he would come to Kyiv for much longer stay.

Youve mentioned new directions in fitness training. What are they?

Bosu is the most important one. The workouts are conducted on the inflatable spherical mats with the rigid bottom. The workouts with the use of this rather unusual apparatus train balance skills and develop muscles. We showed this innovation at the recent Nike convention and it caused a sensation. Also, weve started training within the Pilates programme framework which is the latest craze in fitness  it combines elements of yoga, rehabilitation techniques, balance and muscle training. The workouts are performed on the mats, mostly lying down, but its much more than just using some elements of yoga practice. Squash has become very popular with our customers, and as the number of new converts is growing so fast, we are planning, in fact, to build additional courts.

What about your trainers and coaches?

They are top class  only the best is our policy. Our instructors can provide training in various directions of fitness schemes, and when something new comes along, it does not take them too much effort or time to learn it and use it in training others. Our trainers and coaches regularly attend fitness conferences held in Russia, other European countries, and in America. We are keeping abreast of the latest developments in fitness practices.

In the past two years, The Kiev Sport Club has also been professionally training instructors and club personnel. The training is taken care of by our KSC Fitness Technology courses  they are part of our structurewhich, upon trainees graduation, issue appropriate certificates.

Does your Club cater only for the adults? Nothing for the children?

Of course, there is! As recently as March 1, we opened The Kids Club, which has its own premises, separate from the rest of the Club. The Kids Club is fully equipped with everything necessary for fitness training and entertainment. Besides, the children whose parents are working out will be looked after. And we are planning to provide not only toys and computer games but drawing and sculpture classes, reading, anything that may interest children and develop their abilities.

The Kids Club trainers and instructors provide training in yoga, adjusted for children, martial arts, dancing, games involving physical exercise and swimming. We have installed new equipment at the Kids Club to keep children fit and entertained. We divide children into age groups with no more than 7 children in each.

How does one become a member of the Kiev Sport Club?

Just come to the Club, see what we have, ask questions which will be given ample answers, and become a member. Or call 252-8866 and inquire. Incidentally, to become a member of our club now is to gain a lot. We offer new special programmes Body Results and Weight Loss, which include physical exercices, under the guidance of experienced trainers and dietary schemes designed to be applicable to each individual customer. We plan to have this packet of services available to all those who want to purchase it, but if you subscribe for membership of the club now for the period from May to August, then in addition to all the services the membership entitles you to, you will be given our new packet free of charge, as a bonus.


Ms Musaelyan was interviewed

by Svitlana Abakumenko

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