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Seasons of Fashion


Kyivan followers of fashion are always eagerly looking forward to the Seasons of Fashion shows, as much so as they are looking forward to warm, sunny spring days  with anticipation and hope.

The spring was late in coming to Kyiv this year but the Seasons of Fashion shows were held as planned  March 14 through March 16 at the Torhovo-promyslova palata (Chamber of Commerce & Industry). It was the 12th time that such pret-a-porter shows were held.

The organizers were the same  Yeva (Eve) magazine, the Serhiy Byzov Fashion House and the Yanko Advertising Agency, but the shows acquired a more pronounced European standard.

This time, most of the Ukrainian designers showed their fall-winter collections rather than summer collections  the first time ever they did it at the spring shows. In all evidence the fashionable public welcomed the innovation  V. Anisimovas mink was sold straight from the catwalk. Those who had not yet added summer-style trendy things and hot mini-skirts to their wardrobe did not seem to mind the autumnal-hibernal slant either.

Another first was the way the opening was staged  it was not the well-established leaders of Ukrainian fashion who opened the shows but the new names who did it  Vadym Pryntsovsky, Viktoriya Chykulay, Oksana Tymonina and Viktoriya Krasnova. The collections shown by the newcomers to the fashion scene were impressive enough but it is too early to say whether they will be able to stay among the ranks of the fashion leaders. Theres hardly any doubt though about the future of the young fashion designer Viktoriya Krasnova who has made a big splash  big enough to secure her a distinguished place at the top of the Ukrainian fashion design. Many a hardened professional was captivated by her ethno collection.

This years shows gave much time to the mens fashion, and the image of the modern, fashionable man with excellent prospects was presented at the Mens Fashion day. The purely mens collections were shown only by two designers  the classic of mens suits Mikhail Voronin and the aspiring Oleksandr Hapchuk but it did not diminish the overall effect. Hapchuks collection was on a par with what the worlds kings of fashion could show  the collection was highly expressive, highly fashionable and in a great style.

Unfortunately, Olha Hromova, Roksolana Bohutska and Anna Babenko who are particularly well liked by the Kyiv fashionable crowd did not show their collections. Olha Hromova failed to present her collection for health reasons, and the other two showed their new creations only to their regular customers. The additional programme on the last day of the shows presented the collections of the Kostelnys couple, the Rito Fashion House and Diana Dorozhkina, and they were received quite well.

The Effekt Perfume and Cosmetics Factory from Kharkiv offered its fragrant products at the shows to add the olfactory joy to the visual entertainment.


By Marysya Horobets

Photos have been provided

by the Organizing Committee

of the Seasons of Fashion.

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