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Rising Pop Star

The Ukrainian pop singer Zlata Ognevich will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Marysya Gorobets, who interviewed the singer, is confident that the singers golden voice and her passionate performance will bring her victory at the contest.


Singing Doctor

Olga Bohomolets is a doctor of medicine of great prestige and renown, who is also a popular balladeer; she is also a talented composer and an art collector who has hundreds of rare icons in her collection. Ms Bohomolets is a passionate revivalist of the national heritage too.


Scythian Gold

Scythians were a nomadic people who lived in what is now Ukraine in the first millennium BCE. They have left behind amazing gold artifacts and large barrows, Scythian burial sites, and idols in the Ukrainian steppes. Archeological digging keeps revealing new Scythian secrets.


Old Believers and Canals

Vylkove is a tiny town in southern Ukraine. It is often compared to Venice, but the only thing that justifies this far-fetched comparison is the presence of many canals. Most of the population in Vylkove is made up of people who call themselves Old Believers.


Vienna Coffee

It was a Ukrainian, Yury Kulchytsky, a warrior and gourmet, whose recipe of making coffee has become known as Vienna coffee. He also contributed a lot to preventing the Turks from overrunning Europe in the seventeenth century.

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